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Brooke Amor Gives Insight and Wisdom in Single, "Orgia"

Emerging Bay Area singer/songwriter Brooke Amor is here to share the fruits of her labor, which includes her knowledge obtained from the UCLA Herb Albert School of Music in Los Angeles.

Brooke Amor explores the depths of various genres, majorly including pop, hip/hop, r&b, and rap. The product of such exploration is impressive, a great example being her recent release, "Orgia."

"Orgia" has sensual and flavourful tones that elicit a deep, discernible ambiance that is truly exclusive to Brooke Amor. The various genre styles that we mentioned she dabbled in are all combined in an effortless way that crafts that district Brooke Amor sound. "Orgia" offers real poetry on Brooke Amor's end, and simultaneously, a chance for listeners to get introspective.

Sit down and truly listen to her song. Extract what you can because there really is a ton of meaning that one can take away from her words if you're looking for it. Each line in "Orgia" is delivered with care by Brooke Amor, so hone in carefully and don't miss out on her wisdom.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Orgia, and congratulations on releasing "Orgia." How did this particular single come to fruition for you?

Thank you! I feel like I had been writing a lot more upbeat type music so I wanted to slow things down but still keep people engaged in an interesting story. This song was different for me too because it does not have a chorus at all, it is just a continuing story. When I was done with the first verse I just didn’t feel the need for any type of chorus and I am glad I stuck with my gut and didn’t try to fit a mold for this one. Once I had the story down it was just executing it, which was a challenge because I had never really sung that low before, so it took a minute for my voice to adjust to that range but I am glad it all came together how I envisioned it.

How do you hope listeners feel upon listening to "Orgia?"

I hope they are confused a little and that keeps them wanting to listen till the end lol. I wanted the title and cover photo to be kind of strange enough to draw them to listen and then you really have to listen to the whole song to get the full picture. I purposely wanted the song to kind of end abruptly because it kind of fits with the story... if you get what I mean. I wanted the song to end and people still taking in what they just heard.

As an artist who is known for adding mysterious elements to her songs, what kind of cryptic component did "Orgia" contain? If any?

Okay, this story is kind of weird so I am going to try to explain it as short and simple as possible. So originally this song was just about a singular woman who seduces a man and then eats him, and I thought it was cool but I wasn’t too crazy about it. But I was taking comparative mythology class at the time and my professor told us a myth of the Maenads, who were the female followers of the god, Dionysus. He explained that they would go into the forest and dance crazy and drink heavily, and in this state, it was believed they had unusual strength that allowed them to hunt down and kill animals with their bare hands. This is actually where the word “orgy” came from, the Greek word “orgia” meaning “secret rites.” The women went on to actually kill a human once while in this crazed state, who was an enemy of Dionysus. This story made the light bulb go off in my head and I went back and rewrote the song to make it about a group/cult of women that killed and ate the man in the song, based on the myth of the Maenads. After I made this switch I got a way more clear picture for the song and I was so excited to release it. I originally wanted to call the song just “Orgy”, but I decided to go with the root word “Orgia” cause it was a little more unique sounding and hopefully wouldn’t make my little cousins ask me what an orgy is lol.

Do you feel that attending the UCLA Herb Albert School of Music is aiding you in the construction of your own personalized sound? Can you elaborate on the work you do there and how it has benefited your overall sound?

I actually do not start at UCLA until late September because they are on the quarter system, so I actually have not taken a class there yet. But I will be majoring in Music Industry and History. I attended a different music school in 2019 and was majoring in songwriting, but I made the switch because I felt like it was the business side that I was going to need help maneuvering and understanding as I branch into the industry. I could write songs and make beats all night on my own, but I am less likely to sit and read about business deals and such. So I figured to become a well-rounded artist it would be good to work on my creative side in my spare time and the business side in the classroom. But I would like to take some songwriting or producing classes as electives if I am able to.


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