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Brooke Hatala Finds Warmth In “Summer Somewhere”

Brooke Hatala, the emerging country/rock artist, has once again mesmerized her fans with her latest single, "Summer Somewhere."

The young singer, who hails from Raleigh, NC, but now calls Nashville, TN home, has been making waves in the industry for her distinctive raspy tone that has been compared to the likes of Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks. Her incredible voice and songwriting skills have earned her a place on the coveted stage of The Voice at the tender age of fifteen, making her one of the youngest contestants ever to receive a blind audition.

"Summer Somewhere" is a beautifully crafted original song that takes the listener on a nostalgic journey. The song is an ode to past summer memories with a former lover, a bittersweet feeling that resonates with many. Hatala co-wrote the song with Bill DiLuigi and Kirsti Manna, and together they have created a visual story that showcases Hatala's ability to evoke emotions through her music. The lyrics are poignant and relatable, and Hatala's voice is mesmerizing.

The track opens with a gentle acoustic guitar. It builds up gradually with the addition of a rich, warm bassline towards an elegantly soft drum pattern that gives the song a new gallop, creating a perfect soundscape for Hatala's voice to shine. The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along with, making it an instant earworm. Hatala's vocal range is bright, her voice welcoming as she effortlessly switches between high and low notes, leaving the listener in awe.

"Summer Somewhere" is the perfect summer anthem, and it's clear that Hatala's songwriting skills have matured since her debut. The song is a testament to her growth as an artist, and her upcoming projects will be amazing. Her hard work and dedication to her craft have paid off, and her live performances are a testament to her talent. Hatala has opened for the legendary Willie Nelson and performed at the prestigious Bluebird Cafe, cementing her status as "one to watch" in the industry.

"Summer Somewhere" is a beautiful song that showcases Brooke Hatala's exceptional voice and songwriting skills. It's a nostalgic journey that will leave the listener wanting more. The song is a testament to Hatala's growth as an artist, and it's clear that she is destined for greatness. Her upcoming projects are highly anticipated, and it's safe to say that Hatala is one of the most promising young artists in the industry.

Get into “Summer Somewhere” right now, available on all major platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brooke Hatala. Congratulations on capturing the summertime feeling on your latest release, “Summer Somewhere," a beautiful and emotional song that captures the essence of past summer memories. Can you tell us more about the personal experience that inspired you to write this song? Thank you! In October, I wrote "Summer Somewhere" with Bill DiLuigi and Kirsti Manna. This song was inspired by a past Summer romance that I had and how I would reminisce about those memories and hold onto them, knowing that it is summer somewhere in the world. I wrote this song from a vulnerable place to create a vivid scene, painting the story of a lost summer love that others could relate to. The instrumentation on "Summer Somewhere" perfectly complements your voice and adds to the overall nostalgia of the song. Can you talk about the process of creating the sound for this track? "Summer Somewhere" was recorded at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville. My producers, Ed O'Donnell and Billy Smiley brought in some of Nashville's best to create the emotional feel of this song. My vision was to create a sentimental sound that touches the listeners and brings them back to a time when they had a special someone in their life. I wanted a dreamy, ethereal feeling of walking alone on a cold winter beach, reminiscing about a summer romance. A distant piano plays a haunting melodic riff in the track that repeats throughout the song. And then adding ambient electric guitars helped us achieve the dreamy sound we sought. You have performed at some of the most prestigious venues in the country, including the legendary Bluebird Cafe. How has your live performance experience influenced how you approach songwriting and recording, and how does connecting with your fans through your music feel? Live performance is everything to me as an artist. I have performed at different writer's rounds, festivals, and events since I was twelve. I love the whole songwriting and recording process, but nothing compares to the feeling of playing my own songs to a live audience. Live performance is a way to directly connect with my audience and see how my songs touch them. The more I play my songs in front of people, the more inspired I get to try new things musically. Your voice has been compared to the likes of Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks. How do you balance paying homage to these iconic artists while staying true to your unique style and voice? I have a naturally raspy voice that is often compared to Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks. I love staying true to my distinctive tone and using it to create music that showcases my voice and helps people feel the emotion in my songs. Your upcoming releases are highly anticipated. Can you discuss any collaborations or special guests you have planned for future projects?

I am looking forward to my future releases in 2023! I have been writing with incredible people here in Nashville and have a catalogue of fun, sassy, emotional, and touching songs. My next single, "Single Girls," is a fun one I wrote with Alex Pennington and Ed O'Donnell, which I plan on releasing in early April.


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