Brooklyn Based R&B Artist Releases Hit Single “That One Way”

Miki Montebello, raised in Baltimore but based in Brooklyn New York is an alternative indie R&B artist who has all the ingredients to be a household name and success story! His single “That One Way” had significant flavor to it with a cool beat which instantly makes you want to break out and dance. Especially the part where the drum kick comes in repetitive and repeatedly increasing tempo as it goes on. That’s definitely my favorite part of the entire song. ‘Miki Montebello’ has a really nice tone to his voice that translates onto his track beautifully. Another really cool element of this song is the blend of genres in little different ways. The dance pop is the most noticeable genre you hear based off the beat alone with a slight hint of trap.

You get a solid R&B feel from Miki Montebello vocals with a slight hint of rock due to the edginess and rasp he has at certain parts. The entire song however has a nice alternative flare which makes the entire single to be intricate and unique. It’s no secret that Miki Montebello has star quality to his artistry and music and we’re looking forward to seeing what else can he create.

Listen to "That One Way' on Spotify & get to know Miki Montebello in our interview below!

When writing “That One Way” where did most of your inspiration come from and why?

The song was inspired by a time soon after a breakup I had where I knew it was over for good reasons and I had moved on emotionally but there was a physical part that I missed. I felt the desire for that but was also conflicted because I knew it would be hard to separate lust from love when there was history.

How did the idea of this single come about? How did you envision the song?

I envisioned the song with a very specific sound that was all in my head. Me and my producer Timothy J. Elliot sat in a room plunking our piano notes, setting drums, layering vocals and adding guitar at the end until it matched everything I was hearing. Single wise it has become that because my friend Sasha Duncan offered to do a video and also it was a song many people connected to. The video uses footage from Sasha’s web series “#ThisIsAna” as well as some live footage of me at a show in Bushwick. It was dope to collaborate like that and I think she edited everything in a really cool way.

Are there any specific moments in the song where you personally felt was the most significant?

I definitely think the transition into the sort of bridge section with the vocal layering and electric guitar is significant. It’s the climax of the song and we took a long time making sure it felt as much like that as possible in the studio. That part is also my favorite lyrically as I think it expresses the core of the emotional state of the song.

What genre would you classify this single as?

I guess I’d say it’s hybrid pop/rnb/hip hop. As with most of my music I don’t necessarily stick to one genre as I just go with how the song feels.

Whats next for you?

I have another music video for my song “Post-Op” featuring Dallas James dropping soon, which was directed by my brother Alonzo. Also me and my newly formed band The Wednesdays are working on my next album which should be out next year.

Do you have any upcoming performances you'd like to tell our readers about?

We just performed the other night at Parkside Lounge in the Lower East Side but will have a show in Bushwick mid November still confirming all details but it will be on my social media as soon as we confirm. We are definitely becoming more and more interested in diy stuff so more people can hear our music so book us for your parties and events!

Connect with Miki Montebello on social media:

Instagram: @bmore_miki_montebello

Twitter: @mikimontebello

Facebook: @mikimontebello