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Brooklyn Doran Lets The Good Times Roll In “Wasted My Twenties”

In a world where self-discovery and artistic growth often go hand in hand, Brooklyn Doran has cemented herself as a beacon of authenticity, evolution, and creative genius.

A proudly queer singer-songwriter from Northwestern Ontario, Doran is, above all else, true to herself and has captivated listeners' hearts everywhere. Whether she can convincingly tell stories and convey an emotion or her unique brand of wit and humor that she infuses into her lyrics, she's likely to capture the imagination of listeners for the foreseeable future.

Initially a fixture in Toronto's folk scene, Brooklyn Doran's significant talent should be no surprise. Having also toured internationally with Canadian punk band Cancer Bats, Doran has proven her ability on the live stage.

Now gearing up to release her highly anticipated album "Fixer Upper" on June 1st, Brooklyn has set herself on a firm upper trajectory. "Fixer Upper" will chronicle the journey of Brooklyn's artistry and utilize Doran's signature lyrical style to examine themes of personal growth.

"Wasted My Twenties," one of Doran's latest singles that will also be featured on "Fixer Upper," is an excellent snapshot of the good things to come. Over instrumentals that incorporate indie, alternative rock, and pop influences, Doran's resolute and powerful vocals steal the show, stirring hearts as she drops lyrics like "You used to have me on your knees" and "I guess I'll never get to show you now" with the kind of emotional energy that makes you shiver. If "Wasted My Twenties" is anything to go by, "Fixer Upper" will be a must-listen.

With a refreshing blend of storytelling and song, humor, and haunting melodies, Brooklyn Doran's artistic future seems as bright as ever. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream "Wasted My Twenties," available now on all major streaming platforms. Also, watch for her highly anticipated album "Fixer Upper," out on June 1st.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Brooklyn Doran! We loved “Wasted My Twenties," which felt relatable, and your lyrics were so honest! Could you take us through your creative process for this song?

I wrote this song during the pandemic with my great friend, and former housemate, J3M (Jemuel Roberts), over a few glasses of wine while we were quarantined. One night we were in the backyard working on finishing the song when my roomie, Rachel Romu, came home and offered up some really interesting production ideas. We thought we needed to get into the studio with this. Initially, I think we were trying to write about this dread that creeps up on you as your 30th birthday approaches. It's such a milestone birthday, and once it has passed, it doesn't feel as monumental as it felt leading up to it. It is one of those times when you think back over the last decade of your life and try to measure it - (in daylight, sunsets, midnights, or cups of coffee? lol). Have you achieved all that you wanted to during that span of time? Did you find love? Did you have success at work? It was an especially wild feeling amidst a global pandemic and not even knowing what the future would look like for us as musicians.

What made you want to get into music seriously? Was there any particular incident that sparked it?

Seriously, I think it was my dad. He was always a music lover, and I was an obnoxious little kid who wouldn't stop singing and performing for her family. In grade 6, St John's Music did a pop-up store in my elementary school library, and I begged my mom to let me rent a saxophone from them - and from then on, I was the tiny Lisa Simpson of my small town school district.

What do you want to achieve as a musician? Do you have any favorite musical memories that come to mind?

I recently talked to a friend about this- about how every time I achieve a certain goal or milestone in music, I immediately focus on the next rung of my career ladder instead of celebrating and sitting in that win. I want to work on calling myself out more about that shit and starting to enjoy the lovely that comes with having music be such a large part of my life. One of my favorite recent memories was being able to perform for a huge crowd at The Danforth Music Hall with Cancer Bats. They have a song out on their most recent record that I sang, and I always appreciate them bringing me out on the road to sing on those large stages with them! Plus, seeing people crowd surf, headbang, and circle pit while you're onstage is such a trip! Something I've yet to experience in the folk music realm. LMAO.

Your album “Fixer Upper” releases soon! What was your favorite part about seeing the fabrication for your album come to life, and are there any particular songs you’re particularly excited to share with fans?

Honestly, Fixer Upper has been such a long time coming. We intended to release a shorter version of this record in 2020, right as the pandemic hit, but instead, we took those three years to sit with the songs, write more, and shape the album into what it is today. I think "Michigan State" will be a fun song for folks to experience. It was one of those songs from the record that we had the opportunity to take another look at and play with in terms of sound. It's a great marriage between the dreamy tunes I have been working with and the newer grunge sound we are playing today. Also, when I say "we," I mean myself and my collaborator and producer, Dan Hosh, who has been with me since step one of this journey.

What’s next for Brooklyn Doran? Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Hell yeah! I'm pumped to have some epic shows lined up for this summer. I'm doing an east coast tour with one of my favorite humans, Rory Taillon, a powerhouse songwriter and vocalist. I'm also performing on July 8th at The Budweiser stage with Cancer Bats, and this year I'm performing on one of the main stages at Pride! Plenty of opportunities to meet up and have a great time!


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