Brooklyn Electronic-Industrial Duo Jane In Space Releases New Album And Single 'Breaking Glass'

Brooklyn-based duo Jane In Space release their sophomore record, Gorerunner (July 13, 2018). With rave reviews from All Things Go, Your EDM, Alt Nation, The Big Takover, and more, Pure Grain Audio states, “[Jane In Space] keeps you spellbound with their hypnotic electronic then, when you least expect it, jab you hard with their deep industrial beats.” Music so intricately made requires a delicate balance of skilled musicians involved, and the finishing touch on Gorerunner was renowned sound manipulator Keith Hillebrandt (Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie).

Having played key roles in NIN’s “The Fragile” and Bowie’s “I’m Afraid of Americans,” Hillebrandt stated that, "Typically when I work with others, whether it’s on a remix, mixing, or production, it’s really important to me to actually like the music I’m going to be working on, as silly as that sounds ...I knew right away that I wanted to be involved in helping them take that next step sonically and artistically. It was their fearlessness and openness to ideas that really made them fun to collaborate with.

On the making of Gorerunner, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Jensen explains, “I had a very clear, but not literal, image for how I wanted Gorerunner to sound: the threat of imminent violence from the sharp edge of a knife glistening in the darkness, as the sounds of the forest close in around a lost soul. The feeling of instincts being turned inside out just before the bad stuff. We set out to make every song punch you.” Vocalist Tom Vickers adds, “There was definitely more immediacy to this music, which influenced my lyrical and melodic approach. One prevalent theme is the isolation of an individual trying to comprehend what their place might (or should) be in an ever-changing society which is becoming increasingly more reliant on technology. At the same time, we built the track on a pop foundation: synths plucking a hook, prominent lead vocals in defined verses and choruses, and almost Motown-esque harmonies in the bridge. For us, the end result merges perfectly our influences as a band.”

Jane In Space’s signature blend of electronic and industrial sound with alternative rock songwriting and sensibilities works in a way that appeals to fans of many stripes. Vickers, an experienced actor and voice-over artist, channels the strongest melodic hooks and songwriting of the 90s Britpop he grew up with in his native Oxford, England. Drawing upon his early industrial / electronic music fandom, Jensen creates the atmosphere that journalists have compared to Nine Inch Nails / Depeche Mode or, as the Huffington Post describes it as “somewhere Radiohead might have ventured if they let loose once in a while.”

Stream Jane In Space newest single 'Breaking Glass' here.

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