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Brooklyn Rapper Releases Killer Track "Fashion Nova"

Sergio Nieves born Jan. 19, 1990, better known by his stage name "East the Unsigned", is an American rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Since the age of 17 yrs old, he has been committed to developing his own style of music and sound. Using a popular mainstream fashion brand for inspiration, East the Unsigned released his single “Fashion Nova”. "Fashion Nova" is a witty and slightly comical yet an addicting hit I can see doing highly well on radio airplays cross stations. “Pretty mama, way that body fit that fashionnova” he raps. “Shoot my shot like curry, high like swish”. East The Unsigned has this brilliant way of lyrically delivering amusing lines that I’m sure people won’t be able to get enough of! The banging beat has this addicting bass where you’re just evoked to play the song in your car and jam along. I believe East the Unsigned strategically manufactured this song together based on the current generation taste, style, and what’s trending. He used the current society trends to fuse in his own rap style and create a wavy hit that people will be automatically intrigued by due to the popular clickbait in the title. The way he executed it was brilliant and showed a level of artistry and skill on a high caliber.

Check out "Fashion Nova" now on Spotify, and scroll below for the artist's exclusive interview!

What was the inspiration behind the name “East The Unsigned”?

East is a name that relates to me as in being from the East Coast and more specifically East New York (Brooklyn). The name East also stands for "Educated Artist Setting Trends". As far as “the Unsigned” goes, that comes from being an Independent artist.

You’re the founder of “Swag Heavy Entertainment”, can you tell us a little bit about this and what you guys do?

Swag Heavy Entertainment is a label that I created which consists of myself and my artist Blasé. Early on we started with 6 members, which some eventually decided music wasn’t their passion. We release music under the label in hopes to turn into a well-known Independent label in the near future.

What was the creation process like for your album "Unsigned"? What was your main vision for your album?

The creation process was actually an extensive one, being that this was my first self-produced album. The main vision was to have my debut album untouched by anyone else so that I could showcase what I bring to the music industry (some tracks on the album was co-produced by my brother Zini). Since I received great feedback about "Unsigned", I am currently working on "Unsigned 2" which I plan to release in 2019. 

Fashion Nova is a popular clothing brand that’s breaking sales today, how did you manage to create a hit surrounding it?

I like to try and make relatable music, and what is more relatable right now than Fashion Nova? I figured with the way the ladies and even some men rock Fashion Nova, I would be able to market the song well because it is a brand people know and like.

What’s next for you?

Currently, I’m in the middle of writing, producing, mixing, and distributing all my own music. Being multi-talented is my way of trying to break into this industry one way or another to then become successful. So to answer your question, what’s next for me is Success. 


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