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Brooklyn's Nenjah Nycist Drop's Latest Tease from his Anticipated Record, "777"

The rap pugilist Nenjah Nycist is the product of Lo-Fi amalgamating with boxing Emcee flow. Cooking out of his Brooklyn New York-based studio, the young producer has shown affluence for collaborating with lyrical mercenaries who work using adhesive lyrical methods that supercharge their flows with a magnetic influence. The most notary aspect of these collabs being that he engineers and produces them himself, leading as the conductor for his Lo-Fi voyages that feature thematic storytelling with dripping character and texturizer dust on each new releases. The underground Emcee has designed a creditworthy rubric that scores the budding artist international tours dates across the world, and opening for names like J.I.D, Migos, Redman, and Big Boi.

It's not hard to observe its effectiveness in combining his love of Lo-Fi knocking samples with the masterful lyrical tendencies of '90s Hip-Hop—but with a revamped and polished outline. But still, Nenjah is more than just a distinguished name in the new-age Emcee environment; he's a consistent and constant progressor; releasing "Akiya,"—an independently released EP with the proceeds being donated to Save The Children—and his last two consecutive album journeys, "Misadventures of the Nenjah Nycist" and "" All of which presented as groundbreaking bestowments of lyrical wordplay sliced between his definitive and captivating Lo-Fi supporting productions.

Thus far, "777," his highest-profile record, and most anticipated Lo-Fi articulations, are yet to grace us with their presence. Or at least not in full form, having only teased a minute-long animated video sampler called "Circuit" for us to brood and wonder over. He's capable of the magnetic ninja-like flow that operates as the glue to his instrumentally orchestrated Lo-Fi trademark sound, but it's not his only defining character. Each incredible record he makes tells a thematic story on the same profound and captivating heights as some of the greatest; think André 3000 and Big Boi. Each interlude facilitates a scene change, and the intros set the stage for the thematic experience we're about to have. With his track record so far, we're impatiently awaiting and scratching at the knees for another dose of his addictive creations. The EP is set to release by the end of 2020's closing months and has been teased as his most notable and unprecedented project to date.

What's something pressing or new that you wanted to bring forward to the table for this upcoming record?

With “777,” I wanted to create something for the NenjahNycist fans that will ideally stand the test of time and become a collectible art piece. Sonically, the album is like entering another world. I wanted to create a true experience for listeners and viewers alike. As an indie artist, I’ve always thought BIG and this is one of the projects that shows how dope it really is on this side. Also, being able to create a comic book is something I never knew I wanted to do but have always wanted to do...if that makes sense! My inner child is super lit about it haha.

Can we expect any of the same themes or textures we've experienced from your last two albums, or can we expect a different type of after-glow?

Like a true Nenjah, you gotta expect the unexpected! In terms of textures and themes though, there is a coming-of-age theme within the album and the comic book. The documentary is revealing yet completely honest. There’s wisdom, anger, success, failure, family, depression, struggle, drugs, education - planted within it all. It’s a new world full of experiences, many of which have derived from me trying to find my light and stay in it.

If there were a few sentiments and words you could use as a preface for the upcoming record, what would they be?

THE ULTIMATE COLLECTOR’S BUNDLE. It’s vast, epic, and rare. A piece of history. Classic material.

Have you experienced any challenges or setbacks this year in your artistic journey? How did you overcome them?

Man 2020 is a wild one but I‘m learning a lot. The biggest setback was not being able to travel and see the fam. Time is precious as hell so to remedy that, I did a lot more Zoom meetings and video chats. I also met a lot of different artists from around the world by participating in Beat Cyphers(big shout out to BBS and Today’s Future Sound)! The internet can be beautiful sometimes haha.



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