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“Bruxism” By Ever Onward Will Relax Your Body, Mind And Soul

Batavia, New York native Colin Berardini is a lifelong musician who has spent much of his life invented in passionate emo music along with every sub-genre thinkable and says “My goal is to create music that is thought provoking. I want you to feel what you want to feel, not what you’re told to feel.” Berardini is “finding solace in stepping out of my comfort zone” referencing his new instrumental project “Ever Onward” that mark’s his first-ever attempt as a solo artist. He has set out to explore new and exciting sounds while keeping his heartfelt roots as a guide. Ambience is the goal with “Ever Onward” with sparkling clean tones that replace over driven guitars, layers of effects that add stratospheric aura and the addition of keys and strings bring about a lush, cinematic sound.

Close your eyes and sink into “Bruxism” with an open mind and soul. The soft, remarkable tones of the guitar are relaxing and send you into a tranquil state of mind only to be further hypnotized by the clean, precise notes hit by the keyboard. An airy, lush mix of strings begins about two minutes into the track with percussion scattered through at first then it becomes more frequent adding some further intensity to this organic and raw track. As I sit here with my eyes closed listening to the different tones and strikes of each instrument I have envisioned a lightning storm, and sudden downpour, like emotions rushing out. I love the idea of giving your listener the ability to paint their own meaning behind music, how they interpret it, and how it makes them feel each individually and together. “Bruxism” reminds me of that indie style that can be found in Bon Iver’s music, but Bernardini has been able to capture his own essence in this down-to-earth, soothing track that is sure to leave you feeling peaceful. I personally have had this on repeat, and have lost track of time just sitting and basking in the pure feel of how natural this music is. I very highly suggest you give “Bruxism” a good listen and add it to your feel good playlist.

Listen to "Bruxism" here, and scroll below for Ever Onward's personalized interview.

Hey Colin! Fantastic single you’ve released! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

For me, music has always been such a passion. Whether I’m at home, at work or on the road, I’ve constantly got the wheels turning. In my opinion, music is one of the greatest outlets in existence. I’m a husband, father and over a decade into my career and despite these responsibilities, music will always have a place within me. 

What is your meaning behind “Bruxism” and what was your biggest challenge when creating it?

Bruxism is a medical condition in which a person excessively grinds their teeth. It is an infliction that I’ve dealt with for most of my life. “Bruxism” as a song, in my mind, is the soundtrack to how it affects me throughout each day. It starts slow, intensifies, reaches a “breaking point” and then slowly fades away.  The biggest challenge in writing this song was sticking to a concept. More often than not, I will write a song and find its meaning as I work my way through it. This time around I chose a topic that is significant to me and built on that idea. Being an instrumental artist, it can be tough to write a conceptual song as there is no lyrical content but I’m confident that I was able to express myself as I sought out to do. 

What different instruments can we listen for in “Bruxism”?

“Bruxism” contains multiple instruments and plenty of effects. Clean, overdriven and acoustic guitars used with combinations of reverb, delay, tremolo and ambient feedback. Bass guitar, piano, orchestral strings and acoustic drums are also heavily involved. 

What is your driving force for your passion for music and your love for writing though provoking songs?

The driving force behind my passion for music is my life and the things I’ve experienced. The highs, the lows and everything in between. I find inspiration in success, failure but most importantly within my family and friends. I have a supportive wife and son who allow me to see life in a different light. A light that is endlessly inspiring. 

What’s next for Ever Onward in 2019?

I’m currently working on a song-a-month project called “Sounds From Within.” Each month I start from scratch. I write, track, mix and master an entire song within that time frame. It has allowed me to stay focused in that I’m working within a time constraint. It has also helped me to become more open minded as each month is a fresh start.  Ultimately, I’d like to find my true self through this process and eventually release my first EP. In the meantime, I’m enjoying experimenting with new sounds and different approaches at writing music. 


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