Brvndon x Brvndon Uses Hip-Hop As His Diary In Hot New Track “Genjutsu”

North Charleston, South Carolina native Brandon Black has been fascinated with hip-hop since he was a child. Better known by his professional name Brvndon x Brvndon, he has been establishing his craft and talent for years. He uses songwriting as an outlet to talk about his thoughts on social issues, his love for anime, and his love for God. Brandon strives to open up to the world through his emotive lyricism and allowing listeners a deeper look inside his mind. 

Brvndon x Brvndon’s newest track “Genjutsu” gives the listener a retrospective look inside of Brandon’s inner thoughts/ His vulnerability is on display and this is an undeniably admirable gesture for artists to provide for their fans. Using “Genjutsu”, Brandon is opening himself up to the world and revealing some of his insecurities within his relationship. The girl he loves loves him back, but they both tend to overthink their problems, which leads to more issues. “Genjutsu” acts as a cry for help and prayer to cease the madness he’s experiencing. We love the heavy meaning behind this catchy track and we can’t wait to see what Brvndon x Brvndon delivers next!

Listen to “Genjutsu” here and read more in our interview below!

Hey Brandon! Thanks for chatting with us! How did you get started in music? How old were you?