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BRY444N Provides Gripping, Raw Perspectives on Latest Release "Heaven Only Knows"

Utilizing his conscious, new age lyricism and modern-day esoteric essence to fuel the positive and vulnerable yet relatable music he creates, BRY444N is a storyteller.

The manner in which he portrays vivid imagery, conscious content, and soulful melodies continue to have him bending genres in the realm of Trap-Soul, Alternative, and Hip-hop music.

BRY444N is no stranger to professing an undeniable style that not many can hold a flame to. Debuting his introductory EP, ‘Welcome to the SlumFlower Series,’ the seven tracks that he offers up to his highly engaged audience dwindles with a thought-provoking essence eager to be a conversation starter during your next interaction. Shifting our focus to the fifth song conveyed on the body of work, “Heaven Only Knows,” has us fully immersed in the tantalizing hues of a dark resonance sprawled throughout the instrumentation.

Attacking his verses with a lyrical dexterity that can only be carried by a true emcee, you hear a series of emotions that effortlessly trickle from the hunger displayed in BRY444N’s tonal distinction. Enhancing the realism articulated in each word powerfully conveyed, the elements of poetry that surface in “Heaven Only Knows” truly broadens the dimensions of the musicality expressed.

BRY444N has a knack for transporting us through the sentimental avenues we venture on our life journey as we deem the authenticity that peaks from his relatability to be genuine and sincere. Trapping us in the ominous tones that lie in the shadowy weights beaming down on us, a light appears in the form of BRY444N’s heartfelt messaging in “Heaven Only Knows.”

We love the intimate lens that you have us peeking into on, “Heaven Only Knows.” What is the inspiration behind the vulnerability exposed on this track?

The inspiration is the real world, I drew it from the fork in the road mindset that comes for most lost souls. Do you go left, is that right? IF I go right, will I be left? I felt it would be appropriate to channel that for anyone who feels that way. Finding the true direction to turn, which is inwards.

The lyrics that you delve into on “Heaven Only Knows,” feel like they’re straight from the heart. Do you have a favorite lyric that sits in the song?

My favorite lyric that sits in the song is: "Hurt people, hurt people, yeah this true. But it hit different, when the one who is hurt, is you".

Throughout the whole EP, ‘Welcome to the SlumFlower Series,’ what are you hoping that your audience takes away from the messaging conveyed?

I'm hoping they take away the honest and vulnerable lyrics as an extended hand to anyone who relates or resonates with this music. If you feel it, just know you're not alone.

Sometimes in Hip-hop, people feel that an artist can either be lyrical or a storyteller? What are your thoughts on this conception and do you classify yourself as more of a lyricist, storyteller, or both?

My thoughts are: You can definitely exist in both spaces but will have a home in your true nature, and that's up to the artist to figure out. But as for me, I classify myself as a conscious creator. Conscious of the story I'm telling, and how its lyrical content has a purpose for expansion, and support towards an ascension of self.

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