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Bryan Guardado Teaches You How to Find Freedom Within Yourself in Passport

From Pasadena, CA., the passionate singer/songwriter Bryan Guardado releases a cheerful and thankful single titled, "Passport."

Always creating music that spreads the love of God and his passion for Christian composition, Bryan Guardado's latest single "Passport" is said to be about finding freedom within yourself when in the presence of loved ones. Dedicated to his friends/family who've opened up to Bryan while on vacation, he articulates this free feeling of love that unites us all. Moving from downtempo, acoustic guitar into upbeat instrumentals, "Passport" has us yearning for these experiences that Bryan passionately sings about.

"Passport" begins with Bryan Guardado's clear vocals explaining how he's been wandering this earth to find love and freedom, while heartfelt acoustic guitar brings the track to this introspective atmosphere. Quickly speeding up the instrumentals with added percussion and swift acoustic guitar melodies, Bryan Guardado begins vocalizing these experiences where he's more than grateful to have endured them. Singing lyrics of finding love within the little things of life, we're also met with these ever-changing instrumentals through mesmerizing background strings, subtle piano, and an upbeat approach. Bryan Guardado goes into detail with his lyricism, while the dynamic instrumentals perfectly support the song's message.

Bryan Guardado's single "Passport" has us reminiscing the times we've spent happily wasting our days away with our loved ones.

You've delivered a very grateful and heartfelt passageway with your single "Passport." Could you take us through how your friends/family inspired you to write this thankful track?

Sure! "Passport" was written out of a realization that "life is too short" to not access all the memories that I carry in my heart. From memories with close friends and family to new experiences while traveling, I realized that my heart fondly holds them all when they carry me through the toughest times. The memories of loved ones, both near and far, are the "Passport" to inner peace that I feel God gives us to access. I attribute my ability to wake up, be conscious, and remember anything or anyone from the past to be a graceful act from God, and for this, I am grateful and want to partake in His love with giving back (love).

The instrumentals within Bryan Guardado's single "Passport" are very moving and inspirational. How did you craft the instrumentals during your creative process to support the song's overall theme? How did you want listeners to feel?

Originally the song had a somber feel because I was writing it out of missing some friends and family that hadn't stayed in touch, but it quickly turned into a more hopeful tune as I realized I'm not alone, and there's more friends and family to be made... especially while traveling. So the instruments pick up with Patrick McCay's mandolin and Kiel Feher's steady beat on the second verse to bring a little more excitement in that hopeful realization. I definitely wanted listeners to feel nostalgia for loved ones, and hopeful for embracing new love in adventuring out and making more friends and family.

We've heard that Bryan Guardado's single "Passport" will be on your upcoming album "Heartland." How does "Passport" fit in with the theme of the album?

"Heartland" is not necessarily a place, but rather an ascended state of being where we all unite as one body of love. In the album, "Passport" is a transitional song from the previous three tracks, in which I awaken, admit to doing wrong in my past and feeling stranded from burned bridges. "Passport" turns to peace and forgiveness through reconciliation that I feel God allows me to have, and because of it, new journeys and relationships form through giving love with my "heart's passport".

Could Bryan Guardado tell us more about your upcoming album "Heartland"? When do you plan on releasing it, and how does it differ from your other released projects?

"Heartland" releases July 24, 2020, on all platforms, and it really is the most heartfelt project I've done up to date. It all started with meditating on the grace of one single heartbeat, and how lucky we are to even have that. When I focused on the purpose of a single heartbeat, I'd ask myself and God the reason for it, and what He intended in keeping it running. So it's in that meditation and inquiry that I feel He led me to see how involuntary and autonomous our heart's beat, especially when we sleep. This reality just humbled me, and carried my gratitude for life, the universe within me yet to be discovered, and all that my life contributes to the world around me. "Heartland" is not as indoctrinated as some of my previous projects, but it still carries an underlying belief in God who is in everything and everywhere.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 has been an interesting year, as we all know. Covid-19 and some of the illusions being brought to light through differences are what appear to be defining the year so far. But I've always been a believer in prayer... and I know that it's resilience is what keeps us all moving. First responders, peacekeepers, and justice seekers are all keeping me from feeling hopeless, honestly. Right now I feel they are the heartbeats keeping our one body of love moving through this turbulence, and I'm praying they pull us through this race. We are all in this together, and I'm rooting for humanity as a team. C'mon team 2020! You got this!



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