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Budding Artist DariusThaSagittarius Draws Inspiration From our Cosmos with, "Constellations"

Arriving off the tail end of the limelight he received during his time cooking up heavy-handed Hip-Hop amalgamating productions under his "HOUliGANZ" collective, DariusThaSagittarius finds further development in his old-school mirroring methods by blended in an innovative, bass-boosted trap character on his newest tracks. Being dedicated to his musical craft since the early age of five, the confident wordsmith has come a long way from making records in friend's houses after school, and this year, his creative intuition brings him closer to the esteemed status he aims for on, "Constellations."

Over a mystifying intro that swells off the twinkling of bright-belled wind-chimes, Darius glides in like the silver surfer, elegant and sounding like a rendering of a magnetic voice projecting from the expanses of deep space. The track bounces with a soca-inspired backbeat while the swig and sway of amorphic samples provide this cut with its ambient colorations. There are ominous-sounding hymns that reflect and bounce off the sensually expressive melodies of Darius's topline hook: "You know I stay busy, but for you, I would make time to, you'll never forget me I'll be there to remind you," and as each verse dissolves, we grow more enamored by his unparalleled sound. Here, the candid swagger of the songster's libidinous tones is unforgettable as he sings about being completely enchanted by a woman who glistens like she was made from the space-dust found in our constellations. It's an expressive venture that feels like a journey on DariusThaSagittarius's magic space buss as he conducts us on a trip through a new-age astrologically animated single. The song's main takeaway is how healthy it lands in our head-spaces, releasing all our tension through the addictive topline melodies he presents through his ubiquity.

What sparked your infatuation with the constellations and the abundant space hanging over us above in the night sky?

I’ve always been fascinated by space. If I ever got the chance I would go to space in a heartbeat. I’ve also always been interested in mythology and ancient religions, most of which heavily emphasizes the importance of the moon & stars. 

Can you walk us through your writing process? Does your journey start on paper with a pen, your D.A.W, or maybe writing a melody over the piano?

Well for this particular song I worked with Magic Rell on the production and a few musicians on a live set. But, I wouldn’t really say I have a set process, it just varies on what I’m feeling. I could be in the studio, in the shower, in my car, whenever the idea hits me is when I build on it because that’s when it’s the most fluid. 

What's been some of the most significant challenging moments in your musical career, and how have you developed and grown from them?

I find my biggest challenge most times is just being patient. You know? Still waiting for that one big break. My team and I work so hard on our projects, sometimes it can be disheartening when they miss the mark, but it’s a humbling experience. It also allows us to grow and get better at what it is we do. Patience has made me mature as a person and an artist. 

Can we expect to see you featured on any new collaborations in these upcoming months? Or are you hyper-focused in on where your own creative intuitions are leading you as an individual?

The primary focus is my own artistry at this point in my career. I’m still trying to solidify myself as a threat to the industry, and I can’t do that until the people know me as an artist. That’s not to say I don’t work with other artists though. I’m with HOUliGANZ so I’m working with different people all the time. You’ll hear a lot from all of us in the coming months.  

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

2020 has really inspired me to just make something that’s going to last. Something that transcends the era and speaks to the times we live in but from my perspective, on my frequency. There’s been so much happening this year I feel like people are finally tired of the bullshit, and real art will start to flourish again.


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