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Buddy Luv Just Released his Latest Old-School Hip-Hop Reminiscent Single, "The Don Way"

George Morgan III, also known by his cognomen Buddy Luv, is the Erie Pennsylvania-born verse maker who draws his stylistic touchstones from the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.

With influences transversing between Jay-z, Biggie, and Tupac, his affluence for bar-riffling verification is something that mirrors his accomplishments academically—a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Penn State University and a Master's Degree in Sociology from Edinboro University. Using Music as a therapeutic release for all the congestion in his mind, Buddy Luv releases his latest remedial Hip-hop classic, "The Don Way." this year, and it stands as a true testament to the captivating magnetism this Emcee produces when he gets behind a microphone. On "The Don Way," Buddy Luv chaperones us through a macrocosm of tumultuous textures that captivate from the first moment the sonic air pressure reaches our ears.

The Erie-native maneuvers over his versifying flow with the veteran assuredness of an elegist who seldom practices riffling triplet theatrics or inebriated mumbling coercion. The production here bounces over old-school-vibed instrumentations of earthy drums, a fat bass guitar, and a hoopla of lolloping horns and guitars that signalize the transitional periods during the entire artistic escapade.

There are the periodic drum-fills that envelope the mix's expenses and infatuate with how fitting their presence feels, while never taking attention away from our Emcee standing front and center. He's precise with his lyrical jabs and witticisms, and as he divulges his vaunting narrative, he draws reminiscence to the late Nas by way of a steadfast cantor and his outlandish swagger.

It's no surprise our fingers are already reaching for the replay button as the Urban metrist evaporates amongst the playbacks age-less fadeout conclusion.

What were some of the sentiments you had to focus on during the recording of "The Don Way" in order to establish the texture and character you've become recognized for?

I haven't recorded music since last November. I've been itching to record music but due to the pandemic, I had to put the recording on the back burner. Every time I record new music, I try my best to improve as an artist and make the project better than the previous one. While recording "The Don Way" I had to continue to get into my zone of confidence to ensure the delivery and beat were in sync with one another. I knew going in that the song was going to be featured on Fat Joe's mixtape, so I wanted to make sure I was bringing the energy and bars. It was refreshing to record again after an 8-month break.

What fuels your artistic intuitions other than the fact that Music stands as a form of mediation for you personally?

Things that take place within our society fuels me and allows me to think independently about what's going on, both good and back. I am a fan of studying history and researching so I like to compare and contrast societal problems from the past and present and write about it.

Do you feel like your education had a considerable influence over the technique and aesthetic you render up as an Urban artist?

I believe so. I consider myself a lifelong learner so I'm always studying something whether it's how to improve as an artist or something pertaining to our society. In one of my studio sessions in the past, another guy was present while I was recording with the engineer. In one of my songs "The Briefing Room," I said, "In regards to 13 let's study thee amendment, indignant, inhumane insane infringement/abolished slavery except as a punishment for crime/slaves used as state property doing time/". The guy looked at me and said "a man after hearing you I need to go pick up a social studies book or something!" To me, that was great feedback because, with my music, I want people to think about what I'm saying because my lyrics have substance.

If you could give your audience a few words that would serve as a prologue to the sonic enterprise you're about to take them on, what would you say?

Thought-Provoking, energetic flow. When you hear "The Don Way" think of some of the most popular mafia movies, figures, etc. 

What are some of the creative Milestones you've been aiming for this year, and what steps are you taking to inch closer to your goal?

I hope to work with more producers and get more music on all platforms. I am trying to be innovative but remain genuine at the same time. I'm striving to create unique concepts for songs, create thought-provoking music people can relate to, and move in the club as well. I'd also like to collaborate with other artists across the board. 



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