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Bugsy Jeneva Released The Hit Titled “Big Dawg”

Bugsy Jeneva is more than just an upcoming music artist and fashion lover out of Florida. She’s a creator and style phenomenon whose been rattling the cages of social media right before our eyes. Bugsy Jeneva is an edgy, stylish dressed, very unique breath of fresh air that the stuffy entertainment industry should be inhaling. She has graced many lenses creating numerous photo shoots flexing her sense of style, beauty, and fashion flow. Growing up in the best of both worlds of her mother’s beauty salons and father’s music studios, she is an awesome blend of Glamour and Grit. I mean, isn’t it noticeable in the stylistic name?

Bugsy Jeneva is playing no games with her newest hit, “Big Dawg” and we were here for it! In this current age of hip-hop, female rap is currently hitting the charts! From Cardi B to Megan Thee Stallion, and of course, Queen Nicki Minaj, there’s always room for a new female rapper to come in and shake the game! Bugsy Jeneva would undeniably be the new face of female hip-hop with her edgy style that’s a nice fusion of down-south with a dash of up north. “Big Dawg”, just as the title says, can hang with all the big dog rap records out currently. It’s addicting, the beat slaps, and the bars are detailed with connected metaphors like a straight punch. Bugsy Jeneva showcases her wavy personality through strong lyricism, proving to be an actual skilled artist. “Big Dawg” is a record you can’t help but fall immensely in love with. The production of the beat was arranged with professionalism, allowing a simple pathway for the listener to become intrigued by the music. Bugsy Jeneva has the superstar package. A trendy appeal, a digestible sound, with a dope beat? How can it get better than that!

Listen to "Big Dawg" here and get to know more about Bugsy Jeneva below!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Bugsy Jeneva! Tell us about your music! What made you want to begin rapping? 

Thank you for having me, it is great to be here. Hmm, my music is just something that I feel. Its definitely a convo between the track and myself. I just try to keep it fresh, new & different than the norm that is out there. I was brought up in a music environment, I guess it was bound to just happen. Plus I enjoy it a lot. It’s fun. 

“Big Dawg” was a FIRE song. What was the inspiration behind it?

Thanks! I had no idea how it would turn out, I just heard the beat and started messing around with it. I am Happy that people really liked it and still support it.

The lyrics in “Big Dawg” were on point! We must ask, what are some challenges you face when writing the perfect record?

Big Dawg was fun, it had some punchlines in there about random people/things that annoy me lol. Well no record is perfect however, making sure that the cadence, the flow, delivery and especially the lyrics all blend and feel good a major key.

In what ways are you inspired by your environment when songwriting

That is extremely important when writing a song. I am very vibe driven so what I see, what I am around and involved in plays a huge part when creating songs. 

When can we expect the next hit!?

I’m always working on the next one but no one really knows what the next hit will be. Just focused on stacking material and whatever feels good...then I let it fly! 


Connect with Bugsy Jeneva on social media:


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