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Build Up "Strong Connections," With Kay Soul

Chicago-based Kay Soul is a recording artist, songwriter, and aspiring plus-size model. She began singing and writing music in elementary school and recorded her first solo song by the age of 19.

Known for her empowering essence in the realm of R&B Kay Soul releases a meaningful message in the songs that she creates. Being a serious contender in the rising R&B scene you can find Kay Soul delivering heartfelt performances rich in charisma.

Leaving her vastly flourishing audience in the indulgent aspects of her intimate single, “Strong Connections,” Kay Soul is scooping us into her sonic embrace with the striking offerings in this earnest melody. Deluxe harmonies overflow in your speakers as you wrap your mind around the euphonious croons that she effortlessly delivers.

Honing in on an old school R&B sound with the nostalgic hues radiated in the soundscape, we can’t help but fixate on the modern Kay Soul flavor that she introduces to “Strong Connections,” as she passionately pours emotion into her performance. Kay Soul has a spellbinding persona that casts us into waves of luxurious vocal runs in a song that lyrically displays a narrative of the connections formed between people across the globe.

Utilizing her own energy to have us feeling more connected than ever, our cognizant spirit is fully immersed in the therapeutic framework that solidifies the overall composition of “Strong Connections.” Swaying our head and hips from side to side as we explore the depths of Kay Soul’s mesmerizing tenors, this up-and-coming artist is steadily on the rise and she’s taking us with her as our head is peaked into the clouds.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Kay Soul. We love the deluxe sounds that you treat us to in “Strong Connection.” Could you please take us into the inspiration behind this single?

I really wanted to give my listeners a very intimate look into the desires of my heart. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all want and need to be loved and give love.

We feel that a subject of this caliber has many avenues to explore. Can we expect you to release any more songs that speak on this subject in the near future? If anyone can tour through the various lanes of connection, it’s you.

Absolutely! Strong Connection is the first single off my forthcoming concept EP entitled "Connections". I will be examining the connections we have with ourselves and others which ultimately shape our emotions as explored in my current album 'In My Mind.'

How do you find that “Strong Connection,” compares to other songs that you have previously released?

I believe Strong Connection finds me in a very confident and assured space as an artist and a woman. I think it is a continuation and elevation of other songs that I hope show listeners more of my vocal ability and my heart. Strong Connection is a natural progression in the story and adds another layer of transparency to my music.

Does the music scene in Chicago play into the sound we know and love from you? What inspirations do you take into your music?

I think my music definitely has that Chicago edge and soul, however, I am influenced by a range of artists and genres. I love the new jack swing era, Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Lauryn Hill, Boyz II Men, Kendrick Lamar, etc. I try to bring a bit of all those elements into my music. My goal is to create timeless and ageless music that heals the heart, soul, and mind.

What's next for you?

I'll be kicking off the summer with a live performance in Atlanta, GA on June 25th. More details to come on my website



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