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Bulgarian Cartrader Crashes The Industry With His Debut Hit, "No Other Drug"

The Berlin-based musician, singer-songwriter, and dancer Bulgarian Cartrader make his spirited debut with a refreshing new single, "No Other Drug."

Bulgarian Cartrader moved to Berlin with his family in the 90s, and since then, he's pursued his dreams of waving the Bulgarian flag with each musical endeavor. One can easily recognize Bulgarian Cartrader through the magical sheepskin coat that his grand-uncle gifted him.

After two years of experimenting with the art of production in his Berlin studio, Bulgarian Cartrader finally released his debut single, "No Other Drug." Impressively, the song was mixed by Steve Sedgwick, who mixed the most recent albums by Gorillaz, and you can hear that legendary electronic sound perfectly in this new hit. The single is also the lead track from Bulgarian Cartrader's forthcoming LP, 'Motor Songs.'

Hitting play on the debut single, "No Other Drug," we're gracefully met with Bulgarian Cartrader's soft, John Lennon-like vocals overtop of a sole acoustic guitar. As he makes his way to the hook, Bulgarian Cartrader shifts into a bright falsetto with rumbling drums and quirky synths that amplify the Gorillaz feel and tone.

This song is the perfect way for Bulgarian Cartrader to make his big artistic debut, as it's equally as catchy as it is groovy and dynamic. As Bulgarian Cartrader shifts back into the slow, melodic verse, he paints our hearts in the most vibrant colors of love, desire, and intimacy. Closing the track on the brightest and most exhilarating note possible, Bulgarian Cartrader leaves us wanting much more where this came from.

Introduce yourself to the surreal stylings of Bulgarian Cartrader through his debut single, "No Other Drug," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bulgarian Cartrader. Congratulations on releasing your dynamic and passionate debut single, "No Other Drug." Why did you choose to release this song as your debut? How does this song represent you and your sound?

This song switches radically between two moods. First, there’s that rather solitary, folky, just me and my guitar verse, and then suddenly it burst into that euphoric, uplifting Fatboy-slimish hook. Then it all repeats and that’s it. Finito, simple and direct. I like it! There are way more complex songs on the record, but this one felt like the honest, uncompromised start of something great that’s about to arrive later this year. The first BCT Album.

What inspired the theme and concept of your debut single, "No Other Drug?"

I was writing the first verse. When I reached the end of that verse, I imagined myself in a car listing to one of the cool indie radio stations in town,, I asked myself, what shall I sing in order to catch the attention of my own ears. So I decided to climb two octaves up with my voice and indeed 1.5 years later I'm sitting in my car listening to "no other drug“ on that particular radio station and saying to myself - yeah that works, well done!

What was it like working with renowned producer Steve Sedgwick for "No Other Drug?" Was this your first time working with him?

I produced the song on my own but the whole album including that first single got mixed by Steven. As I was looking for a Mixer for my album a year ago, he was recommended to me next to a couple of other guys - I just simply noticed that he was already in my favs list on Spotify with 3 tracks ! Stuff I heard on the radio or at some party and Shazam'd it, so I asked him and luckily he immediately said yes. Unfortunately, we could not meet up together in a studio because of the pandemic, instead, we did a couple of days via zoom. Lovely guy and such a master of his craft. Definitely, the best that could happen to me on my way to finishing and releasing music.

Could you explain a little more about yourself and your music? What genres do you usually create, and what do you want to represent as an artist?

Hmm, genre- it’s still a foreign word to me… I create music, like many other musicians I guess, without having a certain genre on my mind, you´re standing on a big endless playground saying, let's play! , it’s just me here, so let’s start the party right now, right here and the rest will follow, if I have to be completely honest, when creating, I always create for me and a bunch of imaginary friends sitting around in the studio. I value their taste, one of them might be called Pharell, the other one James Murphy I start making music for this fine little group. Genre is a word that definitely has a purpose and meaning in music, but I need time and development to understand it fully and come to terms with it … I guess at some point one could say, ok I did 3 albums this way, now I´d like to make an electronic dance album and go that way, so let me adjust the parameters … but for now, I just simply want to surprise myself, I’m curious what’s in and out there for me and genre is a word for grown-ups, whereas I´m a kid still.

What's next for you?

My next single "golden rope," is a mellow, cool ride, coming with a video we’re about to shoot this week, the first concerts with my cool band … and the album in early summer, so excited for that one … and three more albums in the next 2 years .. and...


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