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"Bump Loud" is the Grooving R&B-Nostalgic Byproduct of Canada's The Grant Brotherz

The Grant Brotherz are like three perfect components fitted together into one cohesive Musical engine that spits out Soul and Pop amalgamating Rap singles from the heart of Canada's lake-front city, Toronto. With Brandon on the vocals, his brother Duran on the verses, and Dylan puppeteering strings of their R&B reminiscent productions, this adhesive collective releases their latest single titled, "Bumpin Loud." 

Here, the imaginative trio combines their creative expertise for a scintillating ride over a Modern Hip-hop inspired beat, with a distinguishing Pop-flare embellishing the upswell and twinklings of a nostalgic synth that weaves between the hooking topline melody. The hook is instantly catching, and as the two brothers synergize over their infatuating vocal crescendos and enchanting reverb decays, it's like we've been teleported into a topdown-convertible, cruising down the Don Valley, and edging over the mini-grassy canyons that border the winding Canadian high-way, as this magnetizing mix booms from the subwoofers behind us.

There's an enamoring progressive tinge to the whole endeavor, notably discernable by the way they borrow freely from their R & B influences, while still allowing their own stylistic and musical intuitions lead the way. "Bumpin Loud" is a rare commodity that could only render into existence when the planets align and spurt out the ingredients which mix together to produce the intoxicating result we know as The Grant Brotherz.

Hello Grant Brotherz and welcome to BuzzMusic. How did each of you find your musical operatives and niche when it comes to the individual roles each of you takes in The Grant Brotherz?   We all found our operatives just by doing not really by choice. Well, maybe Dylan did. Dylan always wanted to make beats so he ended up purchasing Pro Logic and began his journey from there. But Brandon and Duran definitely were by doing. Once that happened we really began honing our craft and just got better at what we did individually.                                                      How did you get your hands on music growing up, and what inspired the musical journey that eventually produced "Bumpin Loud"?  Duran and Dylan would always be freestyling and recording to beats they purchased from internet beat makers. So we decided that we should make our own beats instead of buying/leasing from online producers. We do purchase beats from online producers today if we are really intrigued by what we hear. But afterward, Brandon got involved with us who would always be singing to Michael Jackson and Usher songs and that is how we came together.

Dylan sent Brandon and Duran a good amount of beats to write to so we came to a decision that these songs sound good together, we should create an album.  Brandon and Dylan wanted to release another song from our upcoming album but Duran was like "no we should release Bumpin Loud that song has a really good vibe to it." What's an approach you've fostered that helps prevent any musical head-butting when it comes to writing a song? Honestly, we never had any musical head-butting before. But since we continue to hone our craft we would have small disagreements. We receive beats from Dylan who then sends it over to Brandon and Duran to write to. If we are not altogether Duran will then record his verse with Dylan and Brandon will do the same.  We love making music, having fun, and being open-minded with our music. Where do you see yourselves individually as creatives on your musical journey, and how did you think your group, The Grant Brotherz, will progress from those personal developments? We would love to collaborate with other music artists and producers for sure. A lot of artists have their own unique styles and in turn, would help us become better at our craft.    What can fans anticipate to hear next from you, thank you for talking with us! Fans can expect plenty from us as we continue to work on our upcoming album. Furthermore, we are always working on new music but we are really excited to release our upcoming album to our fans and new fans! Also, we are always looking to collaborate with producers and artists  Thank you for having us. 



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