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Bump Your Speakers With Saint Scheriff's Future House Song, "Smile On My Face"

Long Island-based DJ and Producer Saint Scheriff releases a thrilling Future House single titled, "Smile On My Face." Always having a passion for various music genres, Saint Scheriff's vision is solely to positively impact the world through his bright and uplifting music.

Saint Scheriff's latest single, "Smile On My Face," offers listeners a slice of modern Electronic music and a sincere message that can resonate with any listener. With warm and melodic female vocals topping Saint Scheriff's lively Future House production, the track brings us out of our bedrooms and onto the dancefloor.

"Smile On My Face" vibrantly opens with a powerful house beat accompanied by incredibly melodic background vocal chops. As the female's vocals begin to shine through and sing a story of realizing someone's vanity, the supporting production offers gripping sub-bass that sends the track into the future with tightly-wound sonics and ridiculous rhythm.

As the production swiftly builds while we anticipate the beat drop, Saint Scheriff delivers tremendous drum patterns and lively synth progressions for listeners to get lost in. The quickly-paced beat gets us right out of our seats and pushes us through an exceptionally bright atmosphere with the meticulous and intricate production.

Giving us the ultimate festival vibes, which we miss dearly, Saint Scheriff's exhilarating single "Smile On My Face" brings nothing but positivity and rhythm in a matter of minutes.

We're heavily getting down with the future grooves on your recent single, "Smile On My Face." Could you tell us about your creative process for the single, and what led you to the track's creation?

“Smile On My Face” was actually a production I wanted to keep rather simple compared to some of my other tracks. The creation of this track was all inspired by a vocal sample I found online. When I found the track, it was a much more downtempo, tropical track. The first thing I used on the production was the chords of that bass pad. When the drum processing was complete, I knew the track was easy to arrange. I believe the drums really carry the track throughout. The most difficult thing to come to terms with was the bass for the drop. Jendex Records was responsible for the mixing and final mastering for this one.

Whose bright vocals were featured on "Smile On My Face"? Did you find these vocals as a sample, or did you have someone record a verse or two for the track? Could you also touch on the vocal production/arrangement within the single?

I wish I knew who created the vocals because they are quite powerful and I connected with them right away. I found these vocals from a company called King Beats. In my career, I typically don’t purchase vocal samples, but this one really stood out to me. The vocals were produced really well to begin with so it was really about developing the track around them. My favorite part would be the vocal chops and those were already present in the demo I heard. It was an easy purchase as I fell in love with the vocals. 

Why did you want to fuel your single "Smile On My Face" with bright Future House production? Is this your go-to sound, or do you usually switch up your approach within the umbrella that is Electronic music?

I think “Smile On My Face” is the beginning of more future house productions from me. I do have a certain way that I work in my productions and this really opened my eyes to the possibilities of going with this genre. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the genre, and honestly, this is a first for me! With these vocals, it just screamed Future House track! 

We've heard that your love for multiple genres has led you to create your own radio show called "The Scheriff's In Town." Could you tell us more about the show and why you wanted to create it?

“The Scheriff’s In Town” was an idea I came up with to portray my DJing skills and the music that I really support in the industry. Recently, I’ve been live streaming on YouTube with this radio show. Being a DJ before a producer, I wanted something that I could show clubs the type of DJ I am so that I can begin scheduling a tour. Right now, I’m mostly focused in the studio on getting more music out there! Hopefully, clubs open up real soon!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The thing that has kept me most inspired in 2020 is the people I’ve surrounded myself with. As we all know, it’s been a very difficult year for all, but with the support of my friends and family, I’ve really been focused on music production. I’ve just moved from New York to Florida so the change is certainly new to me. I have many tracks that are completed that I’m so excited to share and quite a few projects that are currently in the works! I’ve been working on the sound I want and I’ve really connected with it!




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