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Bundle Up for YFF Pedro's the Latest Hit, "So Icy"

Born in Columbus, Mississippi now hitting the Atlanta market recording artist YFF Pedro and brother FluGotit is quickly becoming the hottest down the south underground duo. Hip hop and rap fans throughout the US have already tuned in to hear their raw lyricism and fearless rap style bodied with a down south personality.

As YFF Pedro is known for his authentic, swagged-out style, not only in his music but also in his fashion clothing, his blood duo, FluGotit, share that same bold individuality that fans enjoy. FluGotit adds a musky rap sound with a touch of old-school grit in order to have their audience fully engaged.

This stands especially true with their latest single “So Icy.” Coming in hot with a nostalgic 2000’s sound that has you swaying from side to side, the melodically pouring verses that come hailing from this dynamic duo truly taps into the new wave of Hip-hop. Incorporating a myriad of sounds in the instrumentation that delicately trickles into themes of their iced out swagger, the elusive elements cascade over the bass-forward essence of this beta as you get mesmerized by the mind-altering grooves present.

Both YFF Pedro and FluGotit bring forth a unique sound that makes them stand out in an exclusive manner, all while complementing the brilliance that one another puts down. There is no shortage of lyrical finesse as you consume “So Icy,” from start to finish. Exuding a hunger in the tonal distinction heard, there’s an effortlessness that emits beams of poise into this composition as the wordplay just rolls off their tongues and into the speakers.

Indulging in the reminiscent, and familiar captivation that these two bring to the table, we’re grateful for their refreshing take on a sound that should continue to be revisited in today’s day and age of Hip-hop. It’s no wonder why YFF Pedro and FluGotit are drowning the industry in copious waves of success.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, YFF Pedro and FluGotit. Congratulations on the release of your latest hit single “So Icy.” From the production to the delivery, we love everything about this record. How did you two develop your unique sounds, and come to the conclusion that blending them together would work in your favor?

YFF Pedro: It really just came naturally, we typically just get in the studio and vibe off each other’s energy. It’s no particular recipe just vibes.

FluGotit: Good music just seems to come naturally when we are in the studio together. Datz my Brudda so the vibes locked in already. No rehearsal is needed.

Could you please share the moment or story that inspired you to make “So Icy?" What does this song mean to you?

YFF Pedro: It was the piano and snares it put me in a classical mind state. Like directing a band “IMMM SO ICYYY” creating it I heard a band playing it in my head. The meaning of this song is the best you: put your jewelry & drip on & pop yo sh*t have fun with it.

FluGotit: Like I said before it’s just the vibes we give each other. And when the beat came on it’s like we both had an instant idea for a hook and ended up putting the two hooks together and made magic.

What musical inspirations do you allow to speak into the way you both create? Do you find that these have always been your influences since beginning your careers as artists?

YFF Pedro: Gucci Mane and Young Dolph are our biggest musical inspirations. The rawness, nonchalant can’t be messed with attitude. Yes, it definitely influenced our music career.

FluGotit: As far as musical inspirations go I would definitely say just everyday life. Needs and wants. Things we have seen, done/doing, and Witnessed.

What would you like your audience to take away from the release of “So Icy?" What do you want this song to say about you?

FluGotit: Well for me I’m coming out of a small town in Mississippi. I want people to know we Got da sauce too. We can make good music as well. And we look good doing it.

YFF Pedro: I want my audience to know that we are some young fly and Flashy guy that enjoys life, haves fun & loves jewelry it’s a part of our ancestry & anybody can live a young fly and flashy lifestyle. I want my fans/supporters to know that I’m him Mr. Icyy himself & go check out all my music every song is a vibe.

How does the creative process tend to work when you begin a song from the ground up?

FluGotit: Dope beats and weed are all we need.

YFF Pedro: The engineer pull of the beat I normally listen to it a couple of times. Listening for the snares and then I base the concept of the song around it.


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