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Bundle Up, "T.M." Is Back With "Cold Enough"

"T.M" reins as a genre-bending artist who fuses together elements of Pop, Hip-hop, Trap, and Dance music to create a hybrid sound that is unmistakably his own.

Taking his career to the next level in 2020, "T.M" was able to skyrocket his talents with chart-topping hits that made quite the statement. He also teamed up with Hip-hop icon Riff Raff on their collaborative effort in the intoxicating "Bentley Spaceships."

With the major attention that "T.M" continues to garner, he is back and better than ever with the release of "Cold Enough."

Recruiting Yung Salvo and Zel to live out the colossal sound that "T.M" is known for, "Cold Enough," has us fully immersed in the sizzling cadences that "T.M" is known for. Delving into the intoxicating confidence that is offered up in all parties' vocalization, an invigorating bass matches the tone set in this certified hit. Up-tempo instrumentation has us submerged in the details displayed in the beat composed.

The lyrical dexterity on this track is no joke. We have three heavy hitters that drop simmering verses that reach us in a diverse fashion through their dynamism. As we take in the composition as a whole, the larger than life sound that is offered up has "T.M." pushing the envelope of the new wave Hip-hop era making waves. Doing what he does best, you can hear the dominance in his captivating tonal distinction that has us moving and shaking along to each word he utters. Proving once again why he is in the top spot that he is, "T.M" places his stake in the ground with the collaborative efforts of Yung Salvo and Zel to portray the charismatic essence of "Cold Enough."

With the release of, “Cold Enough,” we love the collaboration with Yung Salvo and Zel! Could you please tell us how this collaboration came to be?

I was at the studio with my partner Bg3nius finishing up my project with Riff Raff We finished that up and started previewing beats for me to work on new material. Called My dudes Salvo and Zel to slide through. Kind of agreed on a dope production and those boys started writing while I knocked out the hook. Which I knock 99% my work out of the top. What inspired the creation behind, “Cold Enough”? People doubting. Like I think people doubting, hating, selling yah short is inspirational in its own way. So by staying consistent and continuing to push on and shine regardless of what negativity is being thrown your way is a great way to silence your critics.

As an artist with an extensive background in the industry, how have you found yourself grown from your first release to now?

Well, my first release was in 2014 and was a hip-hop trap dubstep hybrid it was an "EDM" track. Peek the air quotes I was doing a lot of that style of music then as I hosted events in Las Vegas that played that sort of music. Did a couple of releases in that same lane. Then I took a 4-year break from releasing music, to focus on some other aspects of life. I returned in 2019 with more modern, traditional hip-hop, Trap, and Pop type vibes. I feel I've kind of gotten more passionate about the pop style of music over the past couple of years and releases. With tracks like "Grocery Store" and Our current release "COLD ENOUGH" and a couple of the fourth coming projects. With a list of accomplishments, what are you looking most forward to in your artistic journey this year?

Humbly I'm just looking to continue growing my fan base, connecting with people, turn them onto art and artistic expression, impact or inspire someones life on a positive tip, I'd absolutely love to land on Billboard Charts. I was blessed to be able to collab with a major artist (Riff Raff) and land on a number of charts in 2020. Hitting on Billboard Charts would be one of my main focuses and goals for 2021 as well as hopefully getting to collab with other major artists and/or get on their radar. What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create? I guess I'd want them to know that I believe in chasing your dreams and chasing your goals. No matter where you are at in life, No matter who's telling you whatever. You just gotta keep doing you living your life for yourself. I make feel-good music for the most part I feel anyone can connect with.


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