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Burn Down Hollywood Specializes in Intimidating Hard Rock With Their Self-Titled Single

Close-knit since their early days in the Los Angeles underground scene, Burn Down Hollywood is like a well-fed, free-flowing redaction of a modern Guns N Roses. They shine on well-defined interlocking guitar and key melodies, as demonstrated by their self-titled new song, and the latest music video to match. As a whole, the video is dazing, but never unwieldy, with close up shots, and dissolving effects welcoming new transitions in the band's performance of the song. "Burn Down Hollywood" is delightful and is spilling with character through edgy shots dramatically lit in a shade of red for maximum impact. With snapshots of L.A. landmarks in the scenery, this massive rock track is complemented by its contrast with the blacked-out room setting in which their instruments evoke the animal performances from out within them. Members of the group strenuously hammering away at their devices, trading-off in energy from one another as the camera rolls from one to the other. A vital feature presented throughout this song is the tremendous synergy between the airy atmosphere of the vocal production, and the dynamic evolving low-end support found just below. This song roils with a kick-and-snare drum pocket so deep, the groove would get lost in Slash's top hat. Dissonant Rhode sounding synths and defining bass oscillations balance guitarist/vocalist and producer Andreas Amnell's lustrous battling chants referencing to the song's title. Amnell also adds a bewildering guitar solo—his backing drummer at one moment explodes with fierce synergy, and the transition is sharpened like a knife into the song's atmospheric changeup. The whole song is grounded by the band's tight feel, everyone has their jobs, and they perform with vigor and ferocity as defined in the adjacently released music video. With total conviction, we can say that the video and music, wedded harmoniously together amongst highlighting shots and a genuinely rocking band, are welcome entertainment for all.

You can listen to "Burn Down Hollywood" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Burn Down Hollywood! We're absolutely bewildered by your image and sound. You guys have such an original and captivating aesthetic. Can you tell us more about the inspirations behind the making of your self titled single?

Our singer/guitarist Andreas Amnell had the main riff that the song starts with for a few years. In the summer of 2019, he grew tired of looking for a singer and decided that he was going to start singing to his compositions, even though he lacked previous experience as a lead singer. After working out the instrumentals, Amnell started writing lyrics inspired by the darker sides of Hollywood and the Sunset Strip that he has encountered since he moved to Los Angeles from Sweden. The song tells a story of people falling for the sweet temptations that Hollywood has to offer: drugs, alcohol, parties… People end up doing things they otherwise would regret, getting their hearts broken by the cruel realities that exist here. But at the end of the song, it is told that all your sins from Hollywood will be forgotten at the dawn of time.

What commonly fuels your artistic compositions throughout your time together during practices? 

For this album, the inspirations to all the songs came from what our frontman has experienced in his time here. It’s about the reality of Los Angeles. It all follows a theme and a story in a way. Songs about temptations, riches that you hope to find while you’re struggling for your survival, stories of love and sorrow. The final song tells of how you’re getting ready to leave the city for good, once you have finally sobered up. And then the album ends with a message of never shying away and a guitar chord that makes you feel like maybe there still is something beautiful here to stay for!

What were the underlining emotions do you hope to provoke within people who see your music video?

Some people will feel that singing of burning down Hollywood is aggravating, and some people will absolutely love the song. There are some that will misinterpret what the message is about. We went in with a full understanding of that. The song is meant more like a warning, so you know what you are getting yourself into when you come here. It’s not palm trees, wonderful walks on the Santa Monica pier, or dining at amazing restaurants for everyone living here. It’s very eye-opening sometimes living here. Having seen the pain in some people’s eyes here, and how other people numb their emotions with vices.

It was terrific featuring you here on BuzzMusic! Can we expect to find any new content from you all down the road? What are you working on at the moment?

Thank you! We are currently in the process of preparing to shoot two new music videos for some of the songs of the album within the next month or so, for release later on this year. We’re extremely excited about these videos, we want to develop the bands standing in the music business through these single releases!

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? As many artists have most likely said, it’s hard for us to get out there and play gigs and make new fans. So we’re going to focus on strengthening our live set, writing new songs for our follow up to the debut EP, get tighter as a band and give people a jaw-dropping performance once we get back on the scene!


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