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Bust-R and Sharif D’s Remix of “Holy” Gets Us Up and Dancing in Record Time

Currently based in Brisbane, Australia, DJ and producer combo Bust-R and Sharif D combine lush chords and fresh motivating beats each time they step into the music scene. These happy, pop takes of popular tracks have allowed their remixes to become a regular on Spotify's weekly discover playlist and attain over 300,000 streams on various music streaming platforms.

Their remix of Justin Beiber's “Holy” is sure to have you up and dancing with its fast-paced beat and energizing saxophone melody. Each exciting beat flows smoothly into the next creating a moving track that adds a fun spin to an already successful single. The combination of lush background piano allows listeners to focus on the fun soundtrack while still enjoying Justin Bieber's soft meaningful vocals.

It’s very clear this isn’t just a one-off winning soundtrack for this duo as Bust-R and Sharif D have gained support from many ultra-successful DJ artists like David Guetta, Timmy Trumpet, Sam Feldt, and Lost Frequencies on their various remixes.

“Holy” contains such a flair for motivation and energy and is sure to fill any listener with a burst of joy. We can’t wait to see more exciting remixes from this perfect pair.

Listen to "Holy (Remix)" here.

We love your new remix of "Holy", what was the production process like when creating this lively track?

Aw, thank you! We really appreciate that. The production process started with the idea of doing a remix of a popular song. We decided on 'Holy' because even though the original is pretty slow, it has happy elements and chord progressions that I knew we could bring out. After throwing some of the original elements into the DAW, everything just fell into place nicely. I then sent it to Sharif which he recorded the sax line in a couple of days. You seem to have a lot of support from various successful artists, how have you been able to draw influence from some of these artists in your own unique way?

I think just listening to a LOT of music. I probably listen to at least 6 different DJ radio shows a week, on top of the number of promos I receive haha. Just kind of knowing what's popular/relevant and then being able to put my own spin on my originals. I've still got a long way to go though! How was creating a remix as a duo different from producing as a single artist?

Well luckily, Sharif & I are good friends and live in the same city so usually, our turnaround time is pretty quick. Personally, the main difference is when you're working on music as a single artist, it's all up to you. When collaborating with another artist, there will always be times where you are waiting on something from them. It just depends on how quickly they work! When creating remixes like "Holy," how have you been able to create your own unique sound that carries within all your other remixes?

That's a good question, some would say that Sharif has had a big influence on my sound with the sax. Personally, there are a lot of fx and presets I use regularly to keep the consistency.

What's next for both of you?

We have a few tracks that we're working on, one is pretty much done but we're still waiting on a scheduling date. We plan on trying to release maybe 3 this year together, we shall see how that goes as the world isn't in the best of state.



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