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Buzz Exclusive: Chris Gullace Unpacks Latest Single "Fun To Play Pretend" From Upcoming Album

Welcome to Buzz, Chris! Congratulations on finally rolling out some songs from your upcoming album, Circumstances. What made you want to release "Fun To Play Pretend" first?

I think fun to play pretend is the perfect song for the summer. It has this catchy guitar intro that reminds me of those old-school 60s songs from Motown that make you hum along to the guitar. If people are singing parts that don’t even have words you know you are heading in the right direction as a songwriter. I just love this song and the story of young love finding each other in the summer. But will it last forever?

What life experiences or moments inspired the lyrical content in "Fun To Play Pretend?"

We have all had crazy summers growing up. You meet someone and all the chemistry and attraction is there. You wonder will this be a forever thing? Will we know each other in September? 

How does "Fun To Play Pretend" relate to the overall theme of your album Circumstances? How does it tie into the album's core?

I recorded this album in Nashville, so the experience really shaped the songs. I was inspired by country singer-songwriters like Chris Stapleton and Willie Nelson. It truly is a happy-sounding record because I was just in heaven being able to record it at Off The Row Studios.

Did you work with any musicians or producers when creating "Fun To Play Pretend?" Who helped you bring this song to life?

I co-wrote this album with Danny Wells, who wrote iconic songs for George Strait and Rascal Flatts, to name a few, and with Erin McCaffrey, who owns Off The Row Studios. I worked with producer PT Houston, who has worked with so many incredible artists. He brought out the best in me, and we didn’t settle until the songs were perfect.

What do you hope listeners take away from "Fun To Play Pretend?" What did you want to make them think and feel?

I want them to learn the song and make it part of their lives. If I achieve that, I did my job, and I can go to sleep at night proud that my art made someone happy. 



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