Buzz Heard It First: Indie Pop Band "Bosum" Releases Their Debut Single "Fonzy"

Bosum is an Indie Pop band whom consists of; Tom, Elias, Bart, and Alessio. Catch this! The band been touring alongside the beautiful French and Spanish coastline and the time has come for them to finally release their debut single titled "Fonzy". We heard it here folks, and we can tell you that it matched our expectations and more! "Fonzy" "brings its listeners in to a dreamy feeling that helps you forget about the reality of things. We’re all use to putting up a facade in life and a pretend smile when things are going rough, but "Fonzy" brings that feeling to rest and allows you to resonate in your emotions with an ironically positive instrumental! The band gives us a playful keyboard melody which covers up the feeling of despair and fear which is kind of relatable to what us humans do in our daily lives! "Fonzy" brings a analogical connection between music and human feelings, and that’s definitely what makes this single a hit! Using their musical influences such as "Ben Howard", "A blaze of Feather", "The Kooks" and ‘Bon Iver’, Bosum creates a sound that’s unique to them. The vocalists voice smoothly blends with the beautiful strings of the guitar. A fresh and catchy tune that symbolize the feelings of regular people with regular emotions is what makes ‘Fonzy’ that song! If you ever want to isolate yourself from the world and get lost in a song where your emotions are speaking yet you’re at peace then be sure to check out the band’s newest hit that gives you that musical balance you’re looking for!

Listen to "Fonzy" here, and be sure to check out our exclusive #BuzzMusic interview with Bosum.

Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

We are an indie band from Brussels, Belgium. If we have to describe our music briefly, then we would describe our sound as a Tarantino film without violence. Poppy, but not too sweet, melancholic, but not overly dramatic. We love to keep our music balanced.

Bosum is Tom Verbeeck (Singer/Multi-Instrumentalist), Bart Samyn (Drummer), Elias De schepper (Bass) and Alessio Santoliquido (Guitarist).

How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?

We all grew up in the same area, the 'Evergreen fields around Brussels' more particular. When we were teenagers, we all went to the same schools in one way or another. That’s how we got in touch and started playing music together. Over all those years that we have been making music together, ‘Bosum’ has been our common thread. Both as musicians and best friends.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together a band?

Tom has always been the brain behind the songs, he is the main songwriter. Because of the fact that we all have different musical tastes, it is an interesting task to translate Tom's vision into a band format. In the early years there wasn't really a certain structure in what we did. The more performances we played, the more common ground we discovered and evolved. We have really grown to each other on both musically and as friends. A wonderful process that is still ongoing and probably always will.

We absolutely love your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it and the writing process behind it?

Thanks for appreciating our song!

Tom can't quietly settle down and start writing a song. It is rather a feeling that occurs to him at a specific moment in time and space. That can be in the middle of the night at home or when he is doing the dishes. This way of creating enables him to have a stronger connection with the songs during a performance, because he is then easily drawn back to that one feeling he had whilst creating those songs. Tom partly wrote the base of ‘Fonzy’ on a sultry evening in his hometown under a cherry tree.

Where did the inspiration behind this song come from?

We prefer not to release the meaning behind Fonzy, because we enjoy it more if listeners can give it their own interpretation. That way ‘Fonzy’ can mean something else for everyone instead of only having ‘the one’ meaning. The musical inspiration for our tracks, we often get from the bands we love to listen ourselves. You could say that we are really keen on the sound and atmospheres of acts as Ben Howard, A Blaze Of Feather and Sam Fender.

Do you prefer the digital or more traditional way (cd, lp etc) of getting your music to your fans, why?

At this point we prefer digital because this way we reach our listeners a lot easier. We do love vinyl a lot, but a first ‘Bosum’ vinyl is only justified when we have our first full LP finished. At the moment, we are still doing everything independently.

Any upcoming shows in the near future? For a new fan who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your live performance?

Yes! We love to play as much as possible. We really have some nice gigs planned in the near future, but there is still room for more.

For those who are interested, we will play:

-The 10th of October in Leuven at a castle in collaboration with architecture students. That will certainly be a beautiful setting that matches our floating music.

-The 18th of October we will play the ‘RITCS café’ in Brussels.

-The 31th of October we will play ‘De Loge’ in Ghent.

When we play live, we're not just there to entertain, to go through a set list and to move on. Together with the audience we want to strive for a genuine experience. Every performance is different, and that's what we have to aim for every time. That's also why our live set is always in motion, we never play the same set list twice. Furthermore we like to add an extra dimension to our music by adding film fragments between the songs.

What’s next for the band?

In October we will announce our brand new single. For this single we recorded a mad music video. Whilst brainstorming about the story line we had something like: well no.

So we just hit the road with our videographer for 2 days. We drove 2500 kilometers through Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and France. At the end of this impulsive ride we had enough video material to edit our video clip.

The months after that we will drop more singles and play a lot of shows.

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