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BuzzMusic Catches Up With Artist Sean Slick!

We're excited to have you back with us Sean Slick! You've been killing it! How was it producing the album "Big Plans"? What were some interesting moments of surprise for you as an artist?

Thank you so much, yeah Big Plans was me all last year crafting something special, I wanted to create like a movie of some sort with every track, painting pictures in the listeners head for them to take away and lament on, almost like a soundtrack to their everyday lives.

With every track, i give them Sean Slick the artist, and then i give them Sean Slick the director, I give them concepts, relatability, songs they can chill to, vibes with, get some sort of escapism, every emotion possible and most importantly bop their head to the flow, I don't just rap i flow and i would say that is the key component of rap and overall be entertained. It's my gift to my fans who enjoyed my previous projects like Midnight Dreamer, Rap Scene Menace. I wanted to show them another level i can reach and I believe the overwhelming support for the project surprised me the most.

Out of all the tracks on "Big Plans" What would you consider to be your most favorite and why?

I like them all but Imagination because well its a banger and it fits in the aesthetic of the project typically in Verse 2.

Which song on "Big Plans" do you feel best represents this project overall theme and why do you think that?

Very Good Question, The title track Big Plans sets the project off and gives the listener a clear idea of where i'm taking the theme of success. A lyric i say "Got a term aim to reign over this game" that really fits the concept of Big Plans as i'm letting you know that Sean Slick has plans to prove he is the best, its introspective its vulnerable  and you know I would also say Legit Boss because its  a celebratory anthem on what i can do and will do, its quite a banger I would say, production-wise and one thing i always like is for people to take individual tracks they enjoy as well as listen to the project in its entirety.

Your songwriting is immaculate! what emotion did you channel in for most of the lyricism on "Big Plans"?

I appreciate it so much, I would say determination, ambition and hunger, I wanted to make the best Hip Hop album of the year, in all capacity Underground or Mainstream. I wanted the people to take notice of Sean Slick as a credible artist in Hip HOP and i did have it in the vault for a while and thought it would be the best time to release it in the summer. I would say I am competitive. I guess to prove your worth you have to test the waters but I knew it was heat even by the mid point of recording it was just piecing it together in place and letting it run smoothly. I would say i am an album artist rather than a singles artist and i always make sure i stick to my craft, the fanbase is there, they know what i can deliver so i just set the level from 100 to 200, 300 etc; I already know i'm one of the best at this so its all about consistency.

What's next for Sean Slick?

Just work on the craft, reach more people, go to the places they love me at and put on epic shows, I know they out there so its just me executing my gift and showing the world like i say in the title track " I tell the world i got a big plans" because thats facts, the world needs to know and I believe its only gonna get better, i can feel it!


Stay tuned with the latest on shows and music from Sean Slick via his social media:

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