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BuzzMusic Exclusive: Catching Up With The Flavians

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Flavians! We’re really happy to be featuring your song “Eloise”. It’s beautiful and catchy, but also incorporates an integral message within. Can you explain to our readers the truth that is embedded within the track?

Thanks! Lyrically, the song revolves around the inner monologue of a girl who is nostalgically looking back to her childhood and remembering a time that was a lot more simple than the present. Eloise is actually the name of the main character’s grandmother who played an important role in her upbringing. The video runs chronologically through three stages of the characters life and it was shot between Ohio and Berlin by our good friend Tatianna Peckham.

How does it feel to have over 300,000 streams and be played on radio stations around the world?

It is lovely that people are listening to our songs from all over the world, it is quite a trip! We’re still broke but the best thing is that we’re seeing more and more people that we don’t know at our shows and sometimes, people say that they’re there because they discovered us on Spotify.

Who has had the biggest influence on your life musically thus far? Can you describe the impact this particular individual has had in terms of your new song “Eloise”?

It might be a little obvious to say when listening to Eloise but recently, we’ve been on a bit of a Beatles bender. They’ve proven as a band that anything is possible and we’re trying to channel a bit of that optimistic energy that they all seemed to possess. Individually, we’re into completely contrasting music and sometimes, this rubs off in the way that we approach writing. Especially Joakim, he is a huge Dave Mathews Band fan and actually, used to volunteer for their Swedish fan club!

What are some of your ultimate goals as a group? Are any of these goals currently being put into place/being worked on?

At the time of writing, we’re making the final adjustments to our debut album which will be released in January 2020 called ‘Ordinary People in an Ordinary World’. We’ve been chipping away at it over the last year and we’re really looking forward to getting it out there into the world and playing some shows to support its release!

What was it like to perform with Catfish and the Bottlemen this summer?

We showed up to the gig in a rented car with all our gear in IKEA bags and the venue manager shouted something like ‘HALT, Sie können hier nicht parken!’ which loosely translates in German as ‘what the f@*$ are you doing here’ at us from across the artists car park. They couldn’t comprehend how a band could show up to a nice venue like Huxleys looking the way that we did. They hastily sent a battalion of stage hands to help us with our equipment and after the 5th guy scratched his head and asked us ‘is that it?!?’, we headed inside to find our measly mass of musical debris placed neatly in the corner of the huge hall. The show was amazing and it was such a trip to play in front of so many smiling people. I think Anna summed it up perfectly after the gig, “I do prefer playing Huxleys”!

What's the most memorable moment from your festival packed summer?

We played our 2nd gig in Sweden this summer at a city festival called Eksjö Stadtfest in the region of Småland. Half the band and our manager are Swedish and so it was really fun to head back to their home country to spend some time skinny dipping in lakes, drinking schnapps and eating crayfish (in that order). The best thing about this particular festival were the characters that we encountered along the way. There was one guy in particular at our show on the Friday night who stood at the front of the stage head banging to our slow songs shouting ‘aaarrgghh, you’re killing me! So goood!. It really made us chuckle.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Tell us more about what's next for you after this song release? Any shows in the near future?

The album release is creeping closer by every day and we still have a lot to do, so stressing out over that seems like the most literal answer. However, we are about to set off on tour with Ten Tonnes for 4 dates in Germany soon and we are very excited for that!

Upcoming shows:

Molotow SkyBar, Hamburg (GER) - 2nd of October 2019 - with Ten Tonnes

Privatclub (DE) -  5th of October 2019 - with Ten Tonnes

Orangehouse, München (DE) - 6th of October 2019 - with Ten Tonnes

Helios37 (DE) Köln - 7th of October - with Ten Tonnes


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