BuzzMusic Gets The Details On BINK's Latest Track "Get @ Me"

Welcome to BuzzMusic BINK! Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and the way you approach making music? 

Yeah I’m from the east side of Baltimore I lived a life full of poverty and struggle been through a lot and didn’t have too many family moms past and pops was gon working all the time I had to fend for myself. Growing up I had to learn hard lessons and I’m just looking for an outlet which is my music that’s why I put my pain and my soul into it and I reach out to the people who go through the same situations. And I approach making music through emotion mostly and I really want ppl to hear that in my voice so I don’t use autotune or voice enhancers I need my fans to feel the rawness and the adrenaline the pain and hunger everytime I’m in that booth but I’m also versatile and can make love songs street songs storytelling songs just follow my music and you will hear it all.

Get @ Me" is a hard-hitting, unapologetic track! How did you come to create this piece? What inspired it? 

I created this piece haha it’s funny because I was actually beefing with one of my close friends and I’m telling him like you know my address you know where I am you know WHO I am so just getting at me at a nigga like twitter send me ya addy.

You mention you've had a rough upbringing but you made it out of the mud! How do you think your upbringing affects who you are as an artist today?

I think it affects me as a whole not having a mother I struggle with relationships and dealing with women and finding a queen and not really having my father till the age of 15 I really needed some guidance so I looked to the streets my street brothers and it put me in a lot of situations but they made me better we learn from experience and we grow from it and it makes us that much better and stronger.

Do you prefer the more intimate recording process over live performance? How do you personally feel when you're performing your music live? 

Man....when I’m performing live it’s like I don’t focus on the crowd or what their expressions or expectations are, I see the story I’m telling I see the hunger within myself and I dig deep to portray that in every sentence every syllable and vowel give it my all blood sweat and tears.

It was awesome to be able to present "Get @ Me" here on BuzzMusic! What do you think is next for you as an artist? Where do you hope to progress within the next couple of years?!

I think my next move is reaching out to a broader audience like I wanna be known in the up Canada Ukraine Germany Africa as well as the us we as artist rarely get love from our own city and I understand as a artist you have to diversify and set yourself apart to make it in the industry so over the next couple years ima continue to grow with my flow my cadence my presence and keep working everyday is another chance and I just want the people to say he gave it all on every last track o want my son to be proud of his father I want my father to be proud of his son and I need a bag so I will continue to progress. And it starts here thank you so much buzz music for having me and I will share with my people and tell the world how you guys gave me my first chance all love and blessings from the heart.