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BuzzMusic Interviews Byron Freeman!

Hey Byron! Tell us about your experience so far performing around a media city like NYC. How has the environment been for you and in what ways have you been inspired? 

Growing up in NJ and so close to NYC, it was always a huge dream to be able to perform my own music there one day. They say, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” And so far so good. I have always performed since I was kid, but it was always someone else’s material. So, naturally, I was very nervous about putting my full self out there with my very own creations. The most humbling and inspiring thing was to see the amount of tangible support from my followers showing up in person to my live shows. Having crowds of people in the busiest city in the world making time to come and excited about seeing me perform has truly boosted my love for this even more. I do not just write my music for me, so to have that actual connection of people right there in the audience helps me relate to them on a whole different level. 

Out of all 3 of your major showcases you've done so far since the beginning of this summer, which has been the most monumental for you and why?

Hands down, my most monumental show to date has to be my performance at The Delancey on June 14th. It was my very first live set ever as an artist and I really wanted to make it a night to remember. But, of course, there’s always obstacles trying to get in the way. Literally, the same exact week of the show, I was diagnosed with mild laryngitis, got a partial root canal performed, and at the last minute before the show my videographer wasn’t able to make it. When all of that happened, I had two options: fight or flight. Something in me knew that this was only a test, even though it was my first time. Out of all the many tests I’ve taken in my life, this was the one I really needed to pass. After it was all said and done, I got on that stage and had the best time I have ever had in my life. With everything going on, I had no other choice but to worry about my blessings and the wonderful people who came out to support. And to be honest, that laryngitis allowed me to feel so free with the vocals that it is my favorite vocal performance to date. I even had backup dancers and ONLY performed my music. No covers, just me. I had to put it all out there to really feel comfortable. At the end of the night, I had a moment of... “Yup. I am exactly where I need to be.” Since then, I have been trying to keep the performance momentum going and killing one stage at a time. 

We loved your single "By My Side". Was there a specific reason you wrote this? What is the meaning behind the lyrics? 

Thank you so much that means the world to me. “By My Side” is the song that lets you forget all of your pride. It’s about not caring who’s going to say what, or what insecurities or thoughts you might have about a person, and just committing with your heart and soul. When you do that, nothing else matters. I wrote the song about a combination of experiences where I felt like I was bending over backwards for people all the while still not being phased because of how much I cared about them. In some cases, those relationships seem unhealthy, but that’s why I wrote the song. In the bridge I wrote, “I need you in my life. I need you by my side. I don’t care if it’s wrong. I don’t wanna be right.” Sometimes it’s not about being right or wrong—it’s about how you feel. And I needed a song that just felt good to belt out in those moments. 

We hear that you're planning on touring soon! what emotions are you feeling? Can you hint to us some locations? 

I have been wanting to tour with my music around the world since I could walk and talk. Truly nothing excites me more than performing onstage, and to have that experience all over the world is a huge dream of mine. Right now, I have a strong following on social media for doing my dance videos/classes and I have been using that outreach to start connecting with people all over. Recently, I see that I have supporters in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Brazil, Africa, Paris, and many more fun places. Though that following grew solely from my dancing, the moment I started posting my music, little by little my music has been in demand for those supporters. In fact, I’ll be in Washington DC teaching a FULL Beychella Dance Workshop and afterwards, I am planning on having a link up with some of my supporters who are out there and I am very excited about that. Hopefully I can start popping up to more places very soon. So you can definitely be on the lookout for me in your city! 

What's the big dream for you Byron? 

This is honestly my favorite question because unlike most of my long winded and emotional answers, I keep this one short and sweet: “The ultimate dream for me is to be happy and healthy performing and inspiring people through my art even after I am no longer here.” Nothing fuels me like what I love to do, and as long as I am capable to be doing this no matter the scale, I will truly be happy. 


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