BuzzMusic Puts the Spotlight on Storytelling Artist Sooraj

Sooraj is able to create luscious soundscapes with his creativity. His favorite place in the world is in his home creating music, which makes us appreciate what he has to say that much more. Stemming influences from The Beatles, as well as John Mayer, Sooraj creates his sound to be complementary to some of our favorite rhythms, but of course with his personable sound in mind. Content-wise, Sooraj prefers to mix things up by telling his own stories, as well as stories of others. This way, listeners receive authentic and varied storylines that can resonate with a wide range of personalities.

There's a vivacious part to Sooraj and his music we didn't first initially expect. Once we delved further into the music of Sooraj, notably with his single release "The Actor", we felt as if we got to know a more bubbly and groovy persona. This was the song we heard that automatically made us feel hooked on the flowing melody Sooraj produced. Sooraj isn't planning on boring listeners any time soon. His music is full of entertaining aspects, and his music videos tend to follow suit. We've been exposed to many aspects of Sooraj and his sound, and we're hoping we get to learn more from the alternative indie artist.

Discover Sooraj and his musical soundings, here.