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BuzzMusic Talks With CJ Pitts!

Hey again CJ Pitts! Great to have you back on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us what you've been up to since the last time we had you on here?!

What’s up BuzzMusic Fam! It is always get to get support from you all so thank you first and foremost. I’ve been keeping buys lately with working on a lot of new material as well as collaborating with new artist, and even writing for some people.

We gave a listen to your latest track "Team Player". One thing we love about the tracks you put out is the undeniable energy that surges through us when we're tuned in. What kind of feeling do you want your listeners to predominantly feel when listening to your music?

Honestly I want my listeners to ultimately feel inspired to chase their own dreams. I preach confidence in a variety of ways and just believing in yourself and your passion. “Team Player” was a more swagger type of approach to tell people I believe in what I have and my squad is full of crazy talented people. I put this message out in hopes that it will inspire other crews to work hard and share that same confidence.

How was the production process of "Team Player"? Did you face challenges curating the track? 

The process was super fun actually. A friend of mine sent me over the track and I fell in love with beat instantly had the concept of like a team chant type of record. It wasn’t until after I had some great convo with a few other artist friends of mine involving our status in the music industry and how we can some times get caught up in wishing we were further along in our careers like other people, I realized we are right where we are suppose to be. As long as we continue to work hard and stay dedication to the dream, those same life-changing opportunities are right around the corner for us.

If a listener could only listen to one of your tracks, what track would you recommend? Why is this the particular track you think is the first one they should listen to?

It’s an older track of mine but it's called “Me & You”. I think this is a great intro song for someone who hasn’t heard of me because it showcases solid songwriting with that Pop/Mainstream sound. It has a very simple but catchy chorus and it also showcases my singing and rapping all in one song. There are a few records I could pick but I think this is a solid one out the gate.

You're always coming out with killer tracks--you never disappoint! What's coming up next for you and your music?

Thank you so much! It honestly means the world and keeps me pushing forward! I’m super excited because I have been working tirelessly on my next album! It is a 12 song project and it covers every style of music that shapes me and who I am as an artist. I cannot wait for people to hear what I’ve been creating and I whole-heartedly believe that its 5 steps up from where my music is currently. I’ll be revealing the album title and song list soon so the people must stay tuned!


You can listen to "Team Player" here, and get the latest info on CJ Pitts and his music via his Instagram!

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