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BuzzMusic Talks With Dante Hall On His EP "That's Why I Love You"!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dante! It's such a pleasure to have you here. Can you tell our readers about how you approach your artistry? How do you manage to fuses nostalgic and refreshing music to create a contemporary new sound?

It's a pleasure to be here...thanks for having me!  My approach is that I always consider that I want everything about my music, my performance, my social media, my interaction with you at the product table or heck anywhere to FEEL GOOD.  And I'd like people to feel refreshed after any encounter with me or any of my music.  #GoodVibes I hope that my approach works!  I am grateful to have such an amazing team that can hear the fresh "spin" that I like to put on the older sound and they make it happen for me.  It's amazing.  You would be surprised at how quickly we get locked in in the studio. 

Congratulations on the release of your EP "That's Why I Love You"! What song featured on this project pulled the most emotion from you? 

Thanks so much!  I feel that this is my best work to date and am happy to release it!!!  I believe the single "That's Why I Love You" pulled the most emotion from me although it's very difficult to choose just one.  Thinking of the lyrics to "Til You Come Back To Me" and "Roni" pulls on a different type of emotion.  That's like asking a parent which child they like the most!  haha  But I am hoping the listener will go on the emotional journey that each song takes you on.

When your listeners experience your new EP, what feelings do you hope wash over them? What was the overall concept of this project?

I want them to feel good and become addicted to listening to it straight through like I am.  I want them to feel good while listening to it.  The concept behind That's Why I Love You is there are not enough songs displaying the genuine love you have for someone...and the reasons why.  So I wanted to make a playlist that says "I Love You...and here is why!" you will find that message throughout the EP and actually throughout all of the music I've ever released.  It's different when you know why you're loved.

The live recording of "Make It Official" was flawless! How would you describe the energy of your live performance?

 Thanks so much!  I wanted to give the people that have only heard my records and studio stuff a glimpse of what a Dante Hall show sounds/like.  I have some of the best musicians and background singers on the planet in my opinion.  Me being a background singer for Donald Lawrence, Yolanda Adams, and others for all these years has taught me the value of the audience members being able to enjoy everyone on the stage and not the main act only.  So it's electrifying because I give space for everyone to shine.  I've had some shows here in Chicago this year and they've all been sold out...and the one thing that hears is that "they weren't expecting all of that"..which I exactly what I like.  An electrifying experience from start to finish for everyone on stage. 

There seems to be an overflow of vivid imagery throughout your lyrics. Can you tell us about your creative process? Specifically the writing process for your title track "That's Why I Love You"?

 Thanks so much.  I imagine myself in the lyrics to try to bring it to life.  I can tell when I'm not being present which is really easy to do in the I will not take a pitch-perfect take that is empty or devoid of feelings, I'll take the pitchy heartfelt take...cause I want you to feel it!  Actually Percy Bady wrote and produced the Title Track.  He told me he'd written a song that was kinda an homage to DeBarge and the songs of old that displayed true love!!!  So while I was in the studio with him doing backgrounds for Babyface and Snoh Allegra, we had a break and he was able to sit at the piano and played the song.  He was feeding the words as he played the song...I knew immediately that it was my song.  My favorite lyric is 'You made me smile again, I pray this smile will never end, That's why I love you so"

Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic to talk about your new music and yourself as an artist! What's the next big thing for you artistically?

  Again, thanks for having me.  I just shot the visual for That's Why I Love You, so I'm VERY excited to see how that turns out.  I am also ready to hit radio with That's Why I Love You real strong at the top of the year.  If it's a success, I plan on touring around the world (Til You Come Back To Me is #1 on the soul charts in the UK) I'm tryna be er'where!!! Hahaha. Thanks again!!


Give a listen to Dante's latest track here & discover more on the artist through his socials below!


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