BuzzMusic Top Picks: “American Spirit” By Midnight Wagon

Midnight Wagon was formed in 2016 by bassist Trevor Speight and drummer Torrey Voisin. Originally formed as a joke band, the two conceptualized an album they called "Love is Brown." Months later, guitarist Ian Garrett was brought on board to help with the project. It was eventually scrapped and the group went on a short hiatus. The band later regrouped and took a different approach to their image.

Midnight Wagon released their single “American Spirit” from their debut album titled “Deep Yellow” and I can thank this band for delivering us a hit we can add to our playlists! Midnight Wagon wastes no time at all as "American Spirit" begins with an outlandish, chaotic, and brashful energetic introduction with a tempo too insane to attempt! I’ve always had this perception of rock music that it’s equipped with beautiful melodies and chords yet projected in a bold approach. “American Spirit” projects the anarchic expression rock music exudes and I love that. What’s neat about this song is they didn’t just stick with the over the top sound the entire song, they eventually slow it down and give moments of extremely well delivered subtle melodies. "American Spirit" holds your attention from beginning to end due to the enormous amount of energy it has. This song is BuzzMusic approved!

Listen to “American Spirit” here and get to know Midnight Wagon in our interview below!

Hi Midnight Wagon! Care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

What’s up gamers. We are a three-piece Alternative and Indie Rock band formed in April 2016 by bassist Trevor Speight and drummer Torrey Voisin, with lead vocalist and guitarist Ian Garrett joining later that year. We specialize in Alt-Rock revivalism, and we began production on our debut album, Deep Yellow, in January of 2018, releasing it one year later on January 4th. We also have a YouTube channel on which we regularly share behind-the-scenes vlogs, sketches, and other music related content.  Also,