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BuzzMusic Welcomes Back Duo Venture Klan!

Welcome back Venture Klan! for our new readers, do you mind detailing the formation of this duo? how did you two meet?

Venture Klan members, Ave Campbell and BukDaWorld meet back in high school in 2005. We later formed our Hip Hop duo in 2017, with year's of friendship under our belts we found our unique writing styles very compatible! There's a friendly rivalry between us which helps to push each other to be the best in all aspects within music and life. Our chemistry is reflected within our music, with songs like our latest single 2:06 p.m. crazy, fun, and exciting!

What's been the most challenging aspect of the music industry for you two and why? any lessons learned that has impacted your career for the greater?

The most challenging aspect of the music industry for us would have to be staying true to ourselves and who we are while owning our brand. It's really easy to be swept up in what's trending now or what you may think the industry wants you to be. We learned that things work best for us, when we stay true to who we are and believe in our music. We've accomplished so much thanks to that mindset and plan to go even further knowing that we're the ones in control.

We listened to your single "2:06pm" and we loved it! what was the story behind the title of this song and how does the theme of the record compliment this?

2:06 p.m. can best be described as a typical studio or writing session for Venture Klan. We have an organic relationship which helps us to create new music easily. More times then not, we will find ourselves writing a song before we actually developed a concept or theme. 2:06 p.m. captures this situation best as it gives our audience an insight of what our recording sessions are actually like.

How would you describe your songwriting method? What approach did you take for "2:06 pm"?

Our methods for creating music heavily depends on the instrumental. We like take some time just listening to the beat over and over freestyling and joking around. Our approach for 2:06 p.m. was basically rap now, come up with a name later, and see what happens.

Let's talk about your EP "We Good". Which songs are your personal favorites?

We Good was such a great body of work, that it's hard to pick but Biltz 2000 and Favorite song are our favorites. These song's show a wide range of our personalities and versatility within our music.

Thank you for sharing your music with us! What can we expect from you in the future?

We just released our latest video for the song, "Harlem", August 17th on our YouTube channel. We will be releasing our next single, "Westside", later this month as well as the video for our song, "Favorite Song" off the We Good EP. We host a podcast, The Something Ventured podcast, which releases new episodes every Tuesday so make sure to subscribe to our website for updates on whats next from Venture Klan.


Give a listen to Venture Klan's latest single here, and keep connected with the duo via their socials below!


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