C Z A R I N A Takes You On A Rock N Roll Journey With Her New Album “Painted Holograms"

C Z A R I N A aka Vero Faye is a multi-faceted Brooklyn-based musician, who is also known for her highly accomplished footwear and accessories line, IVY KIRZHNER. A New York native, C Z A R I N A has been a professional singer since the age of fourteen and training for Broadway right before she discovered her love for rock music, including her influences, Nirvana, Soundgarden, TOOL and Nine Inch Nails. C Z A R I N A decided to pick up the electric guitar and keyboard, and begun composing rock music at the young age of fifteen.

The release of her album “Painted Holograms” is the new age epitome of rock music. The gorgeous genre of music credited for the history of mainstream. The album begins with “Silence & Surrender” and “Blaze”. "Silence & Surrender" was a more emotional single equipped with vocals conveyed and delivered with great passion and sentiment. “Blaze” is such a musical high. It’s absolutely beautiful in its ability to create a doorway for you to escape reality and become lost in the music-something truly sensational and magical. The next two songs on this album is “Parallel Lines” and “Gravity”. Unlike the previous two songs, “Parallel Lines” is more erotic and sensual. A sexy song and the perfect addition to fit the plethora of dream-like tunes on her album. “Gravity” has this nomadic, low key and melancholic vibe to the song but it’s perfect to face your hidden feelings directly and just connect with the music and yourself. A perfect disconsolate hit to add diversity to the album. The next two songs are “Burn” and “Painted Holograms”. Burn” is more up-tempo and fast paced. The song is filled with an adrenaline rush to take you back to the musical high that get overshadowed by emotions in her single “Gravity”. “Painted Holograms”, the title of the entire album is completely individualistic on the album, yet it blends in with the rest almost perfectly. Holograms are a three dimensional image and “Painted Holograms” is more than a singular surface tune. It has a lot of in-depth context to it which opens the door for curiosity. Ending the album off with “Midnite Drive” and “Hourglass”. When you finally think you escaped the dream-like rock n roll realm C Z A R I N A throws you in "Midnite Drive" and the song abducts you back with its augmented atmosphere. Your journey ends off with “Hourglass”, a delightful finishing tune where you feel like you’re replenished and cleansed of your emotions that you’ve tackled during the duration of the album. It’s like basically the musical door that was opened in the beginning, and just like the movie Narnia, you’ve entered the journey and “Hourglass” is returning you back to reality as the album has come to an end. C Z A R I N A created the most theatrical and addicting rock album that pays tribute to the classic synthesizers, drum kicks and guitar strings popular in the early age of rock music. Alongside her hallway sounding vocals, this album is a masterful work of art. You can listen to "Painted Holograms" here and connect with C Z A R I N A on her social media!

We had the chance to talk with C Z A R I N A about her new album. Learn more about C Z A R I N A's "Painted Holograms" and find out what's upcoming in 2019!

Mind telling our readers a little bit about your background and other hobbies other than music?

I’m a multi-disciplinary creative professional based in Brooklyn, New York City. Aside from being a professional musician, I also tenured as a shoe designer and creative director in fashion for many years. I had led the creative teams behind several fashion footwear brands we know today. I founded and launched my own shoe line and company under my other pseudonym IVY KIRZHNER several years ago, where I also performed duties as CEO. The brand landed a long list of top specialty global retailers along with a celebrity clientele (including Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Kesha, etc) which really made it quite a success story. On top of this, I’m also an avid stylist, photographer, filmmaker and fine artist. 

How difficult was it for you to release your footwear and accessory line?

I feel I got really lucky. Being in the footwear industry for so long with a strong track record, matched with a particularly unique vision and perspective, I was able to turn some important heads when I decided to launch my own brand several years ago. I definitely had my own fair share of struggles and important lessons that I had learned from. After going thru it’s ups and downs, the experience of running my own company and having my own brand definitely made my edges a lot sharper, developing a higher level of formidability, wisdom and bravery when it comes to other endeavors and pursuits- including my music. 

Before working on “Painted Holograms” did you have any expectations prior? And do you feel as if you met them?

I did not have any expectations at all. It was more of a personal exercise in mastery.  I have always wanted to put out a unique body of work that was an honest reflection of my experiences, my own truths, aesthetic and vision with a fresh new sound, and something I could be truly proud of.  I wanted to accomplish something musically with the same caliber of artistry and discipline as I had done with my design career.  I definitely feel I accomplished that with this record. It makes me happiest to hear when people tell me how they can relate to the songs and how I have been able to touch souls with it. 

What was some of your favorite songs off this album from an artist perspective?

“Silence & Surrender [Neon]” is definitely the marquee track that defined the aesthetic and sound of the entire record. I treasure this song so much because of what the words meant when I was writing it, as well as the fresh soundscape developed from it. I also had the pleasure of working with my long-time best friend, producer Joe Peretore, who helped lead the production and fine tune the synth design on both the Original and Neon mixes. The next song on top for me would be “Blaze” because of its sheer epicness, catchiness and boldness in instrumentality. It has a lot of hidden jewels, twists and turns that makes it fun to listen to over and over. It is the only love song in the entire record, so I really had fun with that one in deviating from being formulaic. “Burn” (originally by The Cure from “The Crow” Motion Picture Soundtrack) was a fun cover to work on, where I was able to apply my own spin and exercise my sound aesthetic on an iconic song. Lastly, “Hourglass” for its emotionally-charged, honest lyrics and subtle yet cleverly-crafted polyrhythmic chants that really display both emotionally artistry and technical prowess as a songwriter, composer and musician.

We noticed how “Gravity” seemed to have more of a deeper nuance than the other songs off this album. How significant and meaningful is that song to you?

“Gravity” is probably the most significant track due to its spiritual nature.  I wrote it after going through a most humbling experience and finding myself to be so alone. It was my first personal understanding of how greater forces are truly at work, no matter what I believed at the time. The song talks about taking a deep plunge and yet being able to draw strength and solace from what mobilized it. There is a lot of power to be gained in realizing how certain things do happen for a reason- mostly to move us to a better space and to learn how to look at challenges as golden opportunities on other side. 

We’ve noted your infusion of different rock elements popular in the early age of Rock n Roll. who are some of your musical influences and why?

During my early days as a musician, I actually fronted and led a local NYC progressive metal band called AIKOSTAR. A lot of those elements may have carried over to my new projects. I grew up listening to TOOL, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana.  Then I started revisiting Siouxie Sioux, The Eurythmics, Heart, Blondie, Journey, The Cure, early Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Tears For Fears and David Bowie. 

What can we expect out of C Z A R I N A in 2019? Any new year resolution goals?

There are several exciting things at work, so 2019 is looking quite busy already! Expect more shoes and some tour dates- both regional and global. I’m working on a few more music videos and some new exciting collaborations I cannot wait to share. And on top of this, I’m working on an exciting new project and dynamic retail venture that fuses my love for both design and fashion with music and entertainment. Stay tuned!

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