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Cake is Nothing Without the "Icing," and Teniele G. Proves It

Hip-Hop/R&B artist Teniele G. is hyping up her fan base with the release of her highly anticipated EP, ‘Known to Love R&B.’

Chiming into nods of 90’s R&B, the four tracks featured on this project showcase her undeniable vocal talents on a broad spectrum.

Tapping into the melodically poignant essence of the single and music video “Icing,” Teniele G. enlists the artistic panache of Sincerest Don in order to fulfill the enigmatic soundscape at hand. The minor chords that are performed on the piano have us enticingly entering the soothing universe of Teniele G.’s talents as we take a sip from her whimsical creation spread throughout “Icing.”

The manner in which her buttery vocals pour out lyrics stemming from a place of love and depth is truly remarkable. Adding the warmth and energy of Sincerest Don to the concoction of lulling melodies, and we find ourselves swarmed in a perfectly balanced concoction that offers both Hip-hop and R&B.

As you fixate upon the laidback visuals at hand, you find that the fluidity that weaves throughout the film and auditory components match one another in passion, allowing the experience to be comforting as you embrace the realm of adoration that Teniele G. gracefully guides you through. The intimately shot scenes showcase Teniele G. fervently saying her piece through the songwriting techniques she exudes as we see her performing to the camera in various settings such as a restaurant, fairground, and the mall.

“I’m the icing on the cake baby,” continues to pull us deeper into the chorus as we see Teniele G. eyeing down a piece of cake in the bakery. The perfect touch to have everything syncopate in unison. If you’re enthralled with the sounds of nostalgic R&B tenors, then don’t think twice before taking in “Icing.” Teniele G. is sure to have your mind transported to the depths of your own love life in mere moments.

Congratulations on the release of the single and music video for “Icing.” We love how intimate this song is! What inspired you to create a music video to accompany the sweet resonance of this track?

Thank you! I thought it would be great to team up with my brother Sin for the first time. We were finally able to get a song done and I wanted to show love to the producer who gifted me the instrumental.

Could you please share what it was like on the set of the “Icing” music video? Was the concept that we see always what you envisioned for the visual component?

Absolutely! We started shooting early in the morning in Arlington, VA. I found a location called Sidekick Bakery, which was part of a restaurant called Ted Bulletin and it was perfect. We were able to shoot in the back of the restaurant in private and ordered some delicious chocolate cake that I ended up eating for breakfast. We then went to the National Harbor to a candy store called It’s Sugar; if you know me, you know how much I love candy! We had a lot of fun on set and our brother Big Mars was there supporting us throughout the day. I actually brainstormed the concept the night before actually shooting the video. My schedule had been hectic and then I was given a specific day to shoot and I just locked into making sure it went exactly how I wanted it to. I loved the end result.

We love the dynamics that both you and Sincerest Don share on “Icing.” How did this collaboration come to be and what was it like working together to create magic?

Big Mars and Sincerest Don are always at our home studio. One day he and Big Mars were on IG live while I was somewhere else and I tapped in. Jokingly, I told them they were always in the studio when I wasn’t there and I asked Sin when was he going to do his feature for me. He said, “Sis, I’ll have it done by the time you get home.” It was that quick and I knew it would be a perfect fit to have him on the song.

What can listeners expect from the other three songs heard on, ‘Known to Love R&B?' What does the overall project mean to you as the creator?

Listeners can expect to hear a nice smooth 90’s R&B vibe with a splash of hip-hop on track two “Do You”. My brother Big Mars helped me wrap the EP up with the last track titled “Letting Go." As a creator, it was definitely a check off my list to release an R&B project. I wrote track one and three roughly two years ago and I saw my growth when I re-recorded them. I knew it was time to let my fans hear what I’ve been working on.

What's next for you?

I’m debating if I want to put out a full R&B album, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying and focusing on promoting my latest EP and music video.



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