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Caleb Bowser Takes Listeners on a Unique Trip in "batman socks"

Eclectic music artist Caleb Bowser is here to showcase his exclusive alternative/pop sound. Hailing from Richmond, Texas, Caleb has been releasing his unfiltered sound over the past year, garnering a real understanding of himself as an artist, as well as his creative capabilities.

Finding the essence of his purpose, Caleb Bowser continues to release novel music that speaks closely to his aspirations, and his latest release of "batman socks" only further adds to his overall collection. 

Caleb Bowser has released a single that displays his unique take on alternative music by introducing various eclectic vocal styles throughout the entirety of the track. Caleb Bowser is undoubtedly confident with his stylistic approach and appears to let himself go completely within "batman socks" by letting his inner creativity flow.

You're most definitely in for a one-of-a-kind experience with "batman socks" and you'll be able to tell that Caleb Bowser naturally went with the flow on this one. His raw and unfiltered approach is what opens the door to his authenticity as a music artist, and you'll never question whether his music is fabricated. All in all, "batman socks" was an unforgettable experience that extended itself in many directions.

Considering the unique quality of "batman socks", what kind of vision did you possess going into the writing and recording of this track?

This song was pretty unique to make actually. I envisioned a sort of chill but a quirky song to come out when making “batman socks”. It started differently, as I made parts of the track, wrote the whole track, and then finished the song after writing it. I usually write songs and then make the production around them, so this was different, and I believe that is the reason it has a unique flair to it. It’s special because of the way it is made.

What component of "batman socks" did you feel challenged you personally as a music artist?

That’s a really good question. I think, personally, it challenged me to sound different. “batman socks” pushed me to a different part of myself I haven’t really talked about. It also challenged me sonically, because of the song’s trap/pop nature. It just made me pull from a new side of me I will definitely use it again because it’s so different.

How would you describe the projected ambiance in "batman socks" and the way you intended your audience to feel after listening to the track?

Honestly, it’s meant to be a chill song, that you can bop your head to. As I’m describing the situation, it’s supposed to be fun and weird, but in a cool way. Better described, it’s a vibe.

Can listeners expect more tracks such as "batman socks" in the near future, or do you plan on switching up your sound anytime soon?

As of the near future, don’t expect too many songs like “batman socks”. I am trying to broaden my range of styles, and “batman socks” is a new style for me. I’m planning on having multiple styles for my next project, which I’m super excited for.

What's next from you Caleb?

Next is my album! I’m so excited to release it! My friends that have heard the songs like it a lot, and kind of pressured me to make “batman socks” a single, but it worked out. But yeah, next is a full album of dark, catchy, unique songs I can’t wait to share.

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