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Caleb Hart Rises to the Occasion with his Latest Single, "We Will Rise"

A natural-born performer since he was a young boy growing up in Trinidad & Tobago, Caleb Hart has been taking his music across Canada and worldwide. Caleb Hart has the ability to bring something fresh, honest, and powerful every time he steps on a stage and conveys his passionate message through the tunes he creates.

It’s not just about the sales, stats, and awards for this artist who has made quite the impact in his numbers and recognition throughout his career. What takes precedent is Caleb Hart’s mission to spread songs of hope and unity wherever he goes. Whether touring with a band or as a solo performer, you can count on Caleb Hart’s ability to bring the audience together for the show and beyond.

No matter how many changes the music industry experiences, the one thing that always remains, is the power of a passionate performance, and Caleb Hart can give you exactly that. With his latest single "We Will Rise," there is no exception to what we're used to with this talented up and comer and you can hear it for yourself.

Leading into this striking composition, the tropical, rhythmic drums of “We Will Rise,” practically explode on impact. The soul-filled instrumentation has you swaying from side to side as you are submerged in the warm embrace of Caleb Hart’s vocals singing the passion-driven reverberated sounds that convey meaning.

Transporting us into a deep reminder, Caleb Hart drives home facts that in this generation that is zoned into short attention spans and illusions, it is our time to rise and be the best versions of ourselves as we continue to lift one another up. That means even when we’re feeling at our lowest points.

Caleb Hart’s delivery switches between the delicate yet empowering vocalization of his singing talents to dabbling into his emcee like cadences when supplying us with his lyrical skills drenched in witty quips. This presents his artistic versatility on a silver platter and we want seconds.

The profound and lively guitar solo provides a perfectly timed musical break as we take in all that is “We Will Rise.” We can only imagine how powerful a live performance would be with Caleb Hart rocking solo or with a band to back his vocals. We’re thrilled to add this record to our queue and patiently wait for what’s next with this promising artist.

Congratulations on the release of “We Will Rise.” We could feel the soul immersing through the speakers with this record. We would love to know, what inspired you to write “We Will Rise?"

Bless’ed love! I’m elated to hear that you can feel the #IslandSoul vibes. The inspiration for this tune came from flashback memories of my final performances before Covid-19 hit. Emotions and realities have hit hard this year and as much as it has affected my career and life immensely, I can’t just sit back and take ‘defeat’. So I wanted to encourage the fam and world that no matter what’s going on... we will rise.

You mentioned that live performances are a huge staple for you. Do you have a preference as to whether you perform with a band or on your own? Could you please take us into what the vibes are like for both experiences?

There is a reason it’s called “Live”. I don’t think I have a preference per se. They are truly two completely different experiences for myself and the listeners. The band vibes are electrifying, full of insanely talented beings, and cause for getting lost in the goodness that is live music. The solo experience is more about being found in goodness. It draws you into a one on one connection, as though there are only two persons in the room. It brings hope and from what I’ve been told, a lot of goosebumps.

What did the studio session look like when recording “We Will Rise”? We can only imagine how smooth the ambiance was

My guitarist from ‘The Royal Youths’ Rhett actually created the riddim (instrumental). He’s one of those freaks of nature that can do any and everything but is also somehow an extremely humble and phenomenal human being. This song’s music embodies Rhett, so when I walked into the studio to work on this song. It was a no brainer that it would just flow. I’m pretty sure he came up with the title ‘We Will Rise’ as well. He basically handed me the tune on a delicious platter so all I had to do was write lyrics based around the theme and of course, put my voice to it.

What themes and messages would you like your listeners to take away from “We Will Rise”?

Honestly, take heed to everything I said in the tune. The chorus speaks for itself but each verse is also written specifically for different types of persons experiencing this crazy life in different ways. Shine your light. Not a little light but a big one. Even when things seem dark. The only way to eradicate darkness is by having light present.

What has been keeping you inspired while creating new music this year Caleb? I’m not gonna lie. I haven’t been very inspired. 59 canceled shows, tens of thousands of dollars of potential income stripped away, and being forced into working a construction job (a Caribbean buoy in Canada mind you)... it’s been extremely difficult. I’ve done what I can to continue to take care of my two-year-old daughter and try to be the best partner and friend that I can during this time. As per usual, my music follows a very specific ‘theme’... hope. That’s always the scarlet chord... hope, no matter what.

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