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Caleb & Walshy Release Soul Touching Debut Project ‘Terminal 27’

Caleb & Walshy have potentially just dropped the most heart felt, soul touching and somewhat nostalgic project of the year… and its only March. Floating around subtly on the scene for almost a couple years now, the London & Dublin duo have taken their sweet time piecing this project together and it’s worth the wait. From the get go, ‘Intro’ displays an absolute taste of what’s to come from the project: a beat oozing with soul fuelled samples and almost effortless poetry with utmost honesty, providing the listener a true glimpse into a troubled yet peace seeking mind.  

The lyrical vulnerability is to behold. Whether it’s the mellow ’Terminal 27’, the energetic ’A Girl Named Sandy’ or the mystical ‘Hold That Thought, Forever’, expect to connect emotionally multiple times. Although dripping in samples, Walshy's multi instrumental production can be identified multiple times throughout, especially in the finale ’That Won’t Change My Mind’ where the two open up about contemporary battles within. Live guitar, bass and keys proves the vibrant potential which immerses out the two, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Stream ’Terminal 27’ on all platforms now. 

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