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Cali-based Innovator, "Composr," Reformulates Creative Vision on New Release "Square One"

Andrew Serrato has always followed his creative intuitions. Since the days before he was known under the Moniker "Composr," the young budding-Cali artist produced futuristic Indie/Electro in a collaborative duo named "VCR Monster," operated a synthesizer and toured around the Golden State. This time as part of a popular pair, served as a musical gateway. In the following years after moving to New York, Serrato manifested himself as a House producer under the alias, "SNVTCH," where he laid down the framework foundation for his most prolific and romantic work to date and the next chapter of his Futuristic amalgamating blends of R&B, Indie, and Lo-Fi musical endeavors. With this year presenting flattering under his most laudatory byname yet, he releases the tantalizingly smooth "Square One," which features a Bossa Nova backbeat and lush chordal orchestrations of vibraphones, keys, and a clean strumming electric guitar.

The single opens with the steady swaying Rhythms of Rio De Janeiro before Composr's monochromatic voice fills up the airwaves with his impressionable cryptic rumbling tone and the support of a crispy clean strummed guitar. "I'm back to square one, I'm back to my old ways, it's nothing new I lost you. I need a backup plan," here, Composr is brooding over his natural rebound plan after a relationship. It's a song that features a sensual hook that divulges the central melancholic theme of this track but masks it with a shade of amour by utilizing the delicately saturated cantor of a "Soraya," who weaves her topline melodies together with the expertise of a veteran. Each passing verse that the Cali-based artist discloses is eagerly followed by a miniature vibraphone stanza of its own, facilitating the track's uplifted spirit; it feels like mingling over a four-course dinner, and a show. "Square One," sits atop a mountainous path of creative pivots and artistic remanifestation, and it establishes itself this young artist's most adhesive compartmentalizations of his innovative production methods to date. Reaching into our hearts with a tantalizing topline hook, and a romantically orchestrated indie-vibe to back it.

What portion of your artistic career has stuck with you like the most prolific in developing your sound, character, and mentality as a producer?

In 2008, the band I played drums for called Media broke up. Shortly after, the singer Jordan Matthew Kennedy and I decided to start an electronic/indie project called VCR Monster. Since it was only us two, I took on the role of being the main producer for the project, while he provided live tracks including guitar, synth, and vocals. At the time, I only focused on playing drums and never really paid attention to any other aspects of music, so this was a new frontier for me. As we created songs together, I learned a great deal about song structure, harmony, and melody. Throughout this experimental stage of my musical career, I learned how to shape complete songs from scratch.

How did you find Soraya for this feature, and what was your favorite part about working with her?

During the Fall of 2019, the record label I am signed to called Toy Records hired Soraya as an intern for the semester. They learned that Soraya was an incredible singer and songwriter and proposed that instead of her performing her regular duties as an intern, that she work with me on my debut album called Designer Dreams set to release later this year. I ended up getting her to record vocals on two songs: "Square One" and "Lose Your Mind". My favorite part about working with Soraya was her energy. Every time she popped up for a session, she always had such a positive mood that helped shape the vibe of the session. She is really talented, creative, and easy to work with and besides having an incredible voice, she is also a great songwriter and lyricist that helped me get the songs where they needed to be.

Where does the alias "Composr" originate from, and why did you feel it was an appropriate moniker for the personality you were trying to face forward for this project?

When starting this solo project, I wanted a name that wouldn't box me into any specific genre. With a vague name as simple as Composr, it allows me to venture off and write the music of any genre or style. Eventually, I see myself blending styles old and new, which naturally will create something fresh, unique, and exciting. 

What can we expect from you this year in terms of more new music? Can we expect the same romantic vibes on your next track? 

I have a 10 track album set to release later this year called "Designer Dreams". The album acts as a soundtrack to a movie that doesn't exist. In the movie, the main character has a hard time distinguishing his dreams from reality, so I try to blend fantasy with reality. Throughout the album, I design his dreams through short lyrical stories, sound effects, and samples from movies. With this technique, I tried to create scenes without having any actual visuals. The character finds himself in multiple scenarios including a wild night out, a trip to LA, multiple short-lived relationships, a drug trip, and more. The song "Square One" is about him losing yet another girl and having to start over again at square one. In the end, he accepts his fate and learns to move on with his life with no feelings of remorse.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

For me, inspiration comes and goes at random. Because of this, I try to write every day even if I'm not inspired. I tend to let inspiration find me, rather than to go out and look for it. However, one source of inspiration that stays consistent is the inspiration I get from my musical peers in NYC. Whenever I hear new music from someone I know, no matter the genre, it excites me and inspires me to write. 



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