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Cali-Based Rapper, Engineer and Producer, KeylonthaDon Drops Latest Vibe "The One"

Being the natural nomad, he is—Oklahoma born and Houston raised—Keylon is always developing and reinventing his sound with each new prospect location he finds himself producing. The young talent was only in college when his creative intuitions began focusing in on his growing appetite for creating music, and before the Hip-Hop realm knew what hit them, he released his first collaborated single "Cut For You,"—a track that had the budding performer singing and rapping over a vibey filtered effect and ominous-sounding productions courtesy of Itsjboii. But this year, with his powerful ammunition reloaded and with a smooth grounded mindset, Keylong takes full control over the reigns of his career and erupts his trajectory skyward on his freshest R&B and Hip-hop-soul amalgamating conception, "The One."

With a production tagline that induces the smooth swaying vibe effortlessly, Keylons asserts his developed talents over a hefty rounded punch of the clock steady drums, a whimsical key samples that cascade and the patina-like texture of this contemporary R&B inspired textures. It's the like experiencing the rawness of classic compositions from the past fraternizing with the juicy modern fullness of KeylonThaDon's soulful vocal display. In this way, it's packed with mantra-like hymns and irresistible hooks that appear in the form of sung splendors with every new R&B cornerstone that we pass along this sensuality evoking Choon.

His special effected croons synergize over a conglomeration of vibey duplicated harmonies that overlay atop one another and merging effortlessly. It's easy to imagine yourself cruising late night, seats packed with your clique, or on a Friday night under the privacies of your bedroom with that special someone while listening to "The One." Here, the cut provokes a laid-back predilection and shatters any internal doubts or pensiveness about this producer's talents, immersing us fully into the sonic wavelengths that KeylonthaDon surfs on like a vet.

What was the defining moment back in college when you knew that it was time to take your passion for music seriously?

The most defining moment in college that I can remember is when I started feeling unhappy about my life and my situation, and I started feeling that college isn't for me. At that moment I started focusing on what made me happy and staying in my friend's dorm all day recording myself was the key, it was something I actually loved.

How do you overcome the challenges of moving to a place where you don't really know anyone and returning with a newly recorded single as a result?

I overcame this challenge by meeting and connecting with the right people and focusing on perfecting my craft, you have to be committed 110 percent in this music game to see results while always remembering to stay real and authentic with everything you do.

Who have been some heavy influences for you when you think about the techniques you've learned and the guidance you've acquired throughout your career's establishing?

I tap into my inner Virgo and become a scientist when it comes to learning new things, I learned my engineering from a close friend and my music and singing techniques from a lot of the greats like Michael Jackson, Avant, joe, Chris brown, Darnell Jones, Omarion, and many more!

What are you most excited about getting started or putting the finishing touches on this year?

I'm most excited about all these songs I've been writing and working on are finally ready to release with strategies behind them and all have amazing stories behind them. I'm just looking for the reaction of the world when they hear what an orphan from Tulsa Oklahoma has to say.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

The vision and visualizing where I want me, my team, and my life in the next twelve months keeps me going because I'm determined to up my tax bracket while spreading a message to the world.



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