CALICO's Heartfelt Reminiscing Pulls Through with "Oh My Mind"

Folk-Americana artist Tony Cecchetti is the originator of the collective CALICO. Originally from the Bay Area, and he is currently residing in Victoria, British Columbia. Amidst the pandemic's isolation and chaos in early 2020, good friends Tony Cecchetti, Chris Couto, Will Lloyd, and JeanSe Le Doujet connected through writing intoxicating melodies together while remaining in the confined intimacy of their own homes.

With high hopes, CALICO aims to have their nostalgic and deeply poetic music allow you to reflect on the finer moments life has to offer. Producing heartfelt music full of sentiments, their main goal is for the creations they bring to life to bring you joy, peace, and love.

"Oh My Mind" pulls you into its captivating embrace like a warm hug. With each chord progressed, rhythmic bassline, and incentive drum hit produced, you capture the wistful aptitude that CALICO has to offer in their genuine sentimentalities fused beneath the love of their craft. The spirited core of the lead vocals performed allows you to tap into your inner self as you take in the fundamental essence exuded through this collective.

Delving into the impactful meaning behind "Oh My Mind," the expressions radiated lead back to the theme of searching. Searching for something that you aren't fully aware of, but there remains a void in your life that requires fulfillment. The harmonious tones shed a story about the depth of love and knowing that there is a soul out there that is also searching for companionship in this chaotic journey of life. CALICO wants it to be known that searching is part of the expedition. One isn't always lost in their search for meaning. Conveying this meaningful message through tenors of immense opportunity, growth, transformation, and discovery, CALICO drives home the point that sometimes we need to take on the most challenging task of all and reframe our minds.