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Call It Out! Releases "Atlantic Dreams"

Based in Toronto and female fronted band, “Call It Out!” combines classic rock with pop punk music. The band was formed by singer Onicka Waithe and lead guitarist Brandon Augustine in 2018. Later adding to the band Alec Warden on drums and chelsea Rothman on bass.

Their single “Atlantic Dreams” has a very catchy chorus and is a slight throwback to the

OG of the punk rock era while keeping the sound modern and unique. Pulsating rhythm guitar

and upbeat drums start off the song alluding to the running vocals of Onicka. The chorus is

easily recognizable to the ear when it starts at , “And I just wanna see the world..”. and will

probably lead to a good ear worm for the rest of your week.The instrumental break makes way

for a buildup while providing awesome arpeggiated guitar solos going on longer than anticipated

which gets you ready for the final chorus that will for sure have you singing or blasting the song

in your car with friends.The musicians talents all come together all of them showcasing each

other and creating a solid sound for their listeners. The band is a perfect blend of bright yet gritty

guitar hooks, concoction of 90’s rock nostalgia while incorporating modern rock seamlessly.

Listen to “Atlantic Dreamshere, and learn more about Call It Out! in our interview below!

What prompted you to start a band when you did?

I was introduced to music at a young age by my father, he was such a passionate musician and really influenced my interest. The violin was the first instrument I ever learned at the age of 10 and I never looked back. I taught myself the guitar throughout high school and even went to Rock Camp where I met some amazing musicians. After school ended, I tried doing regular jobs but I found myself constantly returning to music. I realized that the only time I ever felt fulfilled was when I was writing and making music. So I went online and started looking for like minded people. The rest is history, Call It Out! finally formed in August 2018. 

How do you see yourself (the band) progressing as artists?

We're still so new to the scene that there really isn't anywhere to go but up from here. We've already made so much progress in just a few months, from our first rehearsal to our first show. I believe that we bring a really unique and genuine sound to the current music scene. That all stems from our great group chemistry and I can't wait to see how we're all going to grow together as artists. It's only a matter of time before we take the world by storm. 

Is it a combined collaboration when writing lyrics?

I (Onicka) tend to write the lyrics by myself. It's a sensitive process as I usually write from a vulnerable place close to my heart, so I usually like to be alone. Once I have an Idea of the shell of the song I'll send it to Brandon for his feedback and insight. 

What/who are your inspirations for your sound?

It's funny because as a band we have so many different influences. However, I would say our sound is mainly inspired by bands like Paramore, Billy Talent, State Champs, Stand Atlantic and Fall Out Boy.

How has being a band changed your life?

I feel like I have a whole new family. Our fans don't really get to see much of the behind the scenes but we've become more than just a group of musicians. We're close friends and we get to spend our time doing what we love surrounded by amazing and inspiring people.


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