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Callie Carlucci Delivers a Sonic "Masterpiece," With Her Latest Single

Hailing from New York City, singer-songwriter and recording artist Callie Carlucci releases a spirited and passionate ballad with her latest single, "Masterpiece."

Growing up listening to the likes of Green Day, R.E.M., U2, and Natalie Merchant led Carlucci to broaden her horizons as a teen with help from Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. With her blossoming music career, Callie Carlucci strives to collaborate with many artists, especially like-minded women in the independent music scene.

Now releasing her latest heartfelt and romantic single, "Masterpiece," listeners can catch Callie Carlucci designing her future with someone special by her side. The song is the fourth track on her recent EP, 'Beneath The Surface,' where Callie Carlucci mentioned that "every song has a different personality, but they're all sisters."

Jumping into the lead single, "Masterpiece," the song gently begins with a warm and cinematic introduction through a bright string section, fluttery piano melodies, and placid midtempo drum breaks. As Callie Carlucci starts to vocalize her passion for someone special, she later expands on feeling at home with them wherever they land.

As she blasts off into the cinematic hook, Callie Carlucci exclaims her joy for spending the rest of her days with a lover who makes her world go round. She proceeds to expand on scenes of them growing old and loving each other until death does them part.

The song offers many chilling fairytale elements similar to a 'Speak Now' Taylor Swift, especially as Callie Carlucci references being the king and the queen of their kingdom and making a masterpiece with their otherworldly love.

Witness the "Masterpiece" that is Callie Carlucci's latest heartfelt single, and catch her latest EP 'Beneath The Surface' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz Music Callie Carlucci. We love the powerful and deeply passionate approach you've taken with your latest single, "Masterpiece." What inspired you to write such a heartfelt and romantic ballad like this?

I saw a TedTalk called “A Better Way to Talk About Love.” The speaker, Mandy Len Catron, talks about how our metaphors for love influence our behavior when it comes to love. The metaphor “falling in love,” indicates that love is uncontrollable and therefore leads to madness and suffering. Obviously, that isn't healthy. Catron then proposed a different metaphor of “stepping into love.” It is a choice. She also talked about love as a collaboration. I loved that. Love is a collaboration, and your relationship is your ‘masterpiece.” I then wrote the chorus on a plane. Months later, I was able to finish the song.

Did you have any artistic influence in mind when creating the single "Masterpiece?"

I wanted “Masterpiece” to have a sonically grand and cinematic sound, to contrast and lift the lyrics that describe mundane life. I wanted the song to show that everything can be romantic even if it is boring. I also wanted to write a healthy love song. There are so many songs that say “I can’t live without you,” or “I am incomplete.” I’m so tired of those songs. No person is incomplete. A person is capable of living on their own. When it comes to love and relationships, we have a choice. What makes a love work is when two people choose each other. That is what this song is to me. Lyrically, I think this song sounds a lot like Taylor Swift to me. It’s as if “Love Story” was on Lover.

Who helped you navigate the production and instrumental process for "Masterpiece?" What atmosphere or vibe did you want the instrumentals to offer?

I went for the most cinematic, romantic vibes possible. Two songs that were my inspiration for the production were “King of My Heart” by Taylor Swift and “Great One” by Jessie Reyes. Both songs are grand and cinematic in very different ways, but both captured what I wanted the song to convey. I sent these songs along with a few others to my producer. He sent me back a track, and I listened to it for the first time, and it was perfect. The dynamics, the strings, the percussion, it all worked for me.

How does "Masterpiece" fit into the overall EP 'Beneath The Surface?' How does it tie into the EP's concept and theme?

“Masterpiece” is a unique song for me. I don’t write any happy songs. Songwriting is, of course, a form of therapy. It allows me to access and process my life experiences. The experiences that need the most process are the difficult ones. “Masterpiece” is not inspired by life experience, but I had to include it in this EP. ‘Beneath the Surface’ showcases me as an artist, a songwriter, and a person. “Masterpiece” showcases the songwriter.

What's next for you?

That is a great question. My life is quite unpredictable right now. As is the state of the world. I hope to create more content for ‘Beneath the Surface.’ Perhaps a music video. I’m writing and brainstorming my next project. I’ve also made many friends in independent music on TikTok and Instagram. I hope to collaborate with some of them in the future.

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