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Callie Carlucci Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve in, "Standing Still"

Callie Carlucci spent 15 years training her vocals, 20 years writing stories, and the last seven years finding her voice as a songwriter. It was during the pandemic that she decided she needed to pursue a career as an artist.

Her various musical influences in her life center around her father’s guitar-playing techniques and continuous encouragement towards her aspirations. With a style heavily influenced by Taylor Swift, Lorde, Halsey, and Chelsea Cutler, Callie Carlucci is finally ready to share her original creations with her audience.

Dipping into the pensive melancholy that her most recent single “Standing Still” provides listeners with, Callie Carlucci is exercising her capabilities as a storyteller in the highly emotive release. Through the atmospheric dreamscape that plays upon a heavy bassline and immediate anticipation, it’s hard not to get looped into the intensity of the lyrical motifs that Callie Carlucci brings to life.

Cascading with the peaks and valleys of the instrumentation, her resonant timbres triumphantly ricochet through the speakers. Listening closely to the narrative that immerses us in our heartrending tenors, we hear a story that revolves around running into an ex-lover at a party and seeing them with someone else.

Caught up in the confusion that infiltrates your mind as it pairs with the longing for past memories and emotions, Callie Carlucci does an exceptional job at conveying this tale in a way that has us all relating to the vision before us.

As alluring harmonies dance through our consciousness, we’re faced with a poignant display of vulnerability that has Callie Carlucci elevating to newfound heights. “Standing Still,” is the icing that completes the unique musical flavors that she courageously serves to us, as we’re ready for seconds.

A huge congratulations on the picturesque sounds of “Standing Still.” With such a profound tale that steers the song’s theme, was there a particular moment or story that shaped the life-like grooves?

Thank you so much! “Standing Still” is about a relationship I had. Anyone who knows me knows exactly what I’m talking about then they hear the song. I essentially used my own timeline in order to structure this song. I wrote the first verse, then wrote the second one later. I went back to that timeline of that relationship and picked a spot and wrote about that. I learned this technique in a songwriting class. It’s a pretty good trick. It also helps when trying to finish songs.

How does it feel to finally be releasing your creations to the world after such a long time of honing in on your craft?

I’m honestly relieved in a way. I spent so long keeping these songs inside a journal. I kept making excuses to put off releasing them. I either didn’t have time, money, the skills, or so many things I “needed” to release music. I discarded those excuses during the pandemic to make it happen. I did not want to get to a point of regret. And now I’m doing it. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s also cathartic.

How would you say that your frame of mind has evolved since the creation of “Standing Still” to this present moment? How long ago did you create this piece?

I wrote this song in 2015. I kept rewriting parts of it, editing some parts, and in 2017, I decided it was finished. I was obsessed with some idea of perfectionism that prevented me from finishing anything. I always put unrealistic expectations on myself. I did a lot of work on myself, and as a result, I was able to finish the song. I’m still a “recovering perfectionist” but I trust my own abilities a lot more. I trust my ability to say “it’s finished.”

What message do you hope to send out to your audience through “Standing Still”?

Anyone who has ever been heartbroken will probably relate to this song. “Standing Still” is this idea that you don’t know what to do with yourself. You sort of feel frozen, even though you “ought to move on.” Whatever that means. I think people are often shamed for not “moving on.” I always hate it when people say that. No one should feel ashamed for feeling sad, or vulnerable, or confused. I hope “Standing Still” provides words of empathy for those who are experiencing loss or heartbreak.

What's next for you?

I plan on releasing an EP this fall. It has five songs. I’m nervous and excited. I only hope that my stories reach people and make them feel less alone. If I can do that with one person, my heart will feel whole.

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