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Calm, Cool and Collected Artist Bee-Z Releases "Tickets" Featuring Kojau and Don Ozi

Bee-Z is your calm, cool and collected artist that has an array of ideas to perplex listeners. When we first are exposed to the essence of Bee-Z's sound, we feel a huge warming sensation fall over us. He has that kind of artistic persona that you can easily find yourself getting along with. The charismatic approach to his sound reeled us in, and his ability to synthesize a relaxing ambiance is very appealing. Bee-Z has that natural glow and flows to his sound, and you can definitely feel that property of his music with his latest track, "Tickets".

"Tickets" is the recent music offering from Bee-Z, and the song features artists Kojau and Don Ozi. Together, the three artists created a lyrically-driven track with an organically catchy production. Bee-Z's alternative sound is heavily present within this track but is blended smoothly together with the R&B and electronic elements. The product of "Tickets" ended up being one that listeners will want to consume. Vocally, the track really maintained a cool indie sound, bringing a flair of contemporary stylings with the prominent integration of relaxed guitar. We imagine ourselves sitting on the beach, or cruising along the West Coast with Bee-Z's track "Tickets". The track itself opens doors for explorative imagination, making it one track of Bee-Z's that'll be hard to forget.

Check out Bee-Z's track "Tickets" here.



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