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Calvin Ross Recruits 2c's In The Intimate Collection Of Their EP, 'Erotica'

R&B singer and producer extraordinaire, Calvin Ross reigns from Tennessee. Growing up in an area of Tennessee where crime and violence are the norms, Calvin Ross has a colorful story to tell–one that continues to make his music stand out from the rest. He began making music when he was 17, right after moving back home to Tennessee from a 6-year stay in Detroit.

After becoming acquainted with how to produce his own beats, he took advantage of his talent for singing and turned to recording and mixing to go hand in hand with his abilities.

Taking pride in the quality of the music that he creates, it wasn’t until after winning a showcase at P. Diddy’s studio, Daddy’s House, that Calvin Ross got to meet with an A&R for Def Jam Recordings where he was further reassured of his talents.

Calvin Ross recruits the talents of 2c’s in his most recent EP, 'Erotica.' Dipping into themes of mood oriented flows, we are offered a variety of energies in the realm of Contemporary R&B and modern wave Hip-hop. With a top-notch production quality simmering in the soundscape of the four tracks exuded, we hear the soothing vibes of Calvin Ross’ vocals sweeping us off our feet in mesmerizing hooks and verses.

The introductory single, “Bank,” radiates a hard-hitting ambiance as we embody our most confident selves with the self-assured tones set in place. “Winner,” and “DIOAS,” transport us to luxurious atmospheres of delicate embrace. The warm cascades offered up have us swooning over these artists as they connect with their audience on an emotional level. Now we come to that standout record that has our main focus. This is where “Face Down,” comes into play. Following suit in the effervescent poise that, “Bank,” exudes, “Face Down,” shines a light on getting intimate with that special someone. The enthralling chorus allows this track to be served in a simmering manner that has Calvin Ross and 2c’s performing at their peak.

The dynamism between himself and 2c’s lyrical bows, have us finding, 'Erotica,' a supreme contender in the exclusive aptitude that these artists are offering upon the spectrum of intoxicating melodies. All in all, 'Erotica,' is a project best served with the lights low, and the volume high.

Congratulations on the release of, “Erotica,” with 2c’s. You two mesh together in such a brilliant way! How did this collaborative project come to be?

We've been knowing each other since we were 14. I moved to Atlanta and about a year later he moved too. We just linked up in the studio and got to work.

What was the main inspiration that you both took into the creation of the lyrical content?

The main inspiration we took was basically our everyday life. Things we’ve been through and seen. It’s kinda easy to write about stuff that has actually happened.

Do you have a particular song that resonates with you more than others on this project?

Yes, and that song is “Winner”. Winner speaks on a woman that’s basically winning! She’s a professional dancer but also knows how to take care of her business outside of the club. Can compose herself around my family and friends, and also can spot when something or someone isn’t right. Being able to peep bad vibes and ill intent.

What themes and messages would you like listeners to take away from, 'Erotica?'

Erotica is a vibe that was aimed mainly toward the woman of the adult night club. We did this intentionally, mainly because that’s where we were at in our lives at the moment of recording it. Living in Atlanta it’s easy to find that inspiration.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I’m currently working on my next project which is titled “Preface”. In this project, I’ll be going a little deeper into who I am as an individual and share more personal experiences. Looking forward to sharing that with you guys soon.



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