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Cam Noble and Stilla Present a Soothing Single, "Somebody Else"

From Auckland, New Zealand, the recording artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Cam Noble releases a passionate and chilling single entitled "Somebody Else."

Having toured with international artists across Japan, Singapore, United States, China, Middle East, and New Zealand has led Cam Noble to accumulate vast industry knowledge that catapults him onto his unique path. Also partnering with various industry leaders to grow his management and PR group ACTS Agency, the media marketing brand specializes in artist management, touring, and music distribution.

Teaming up with singer-songwriter Stilla for their relatable single, "Somebody Else," listeners can catch Cam Noble's mesmerizing production abilities while Stilla serenades our souls with boundless heart and emotion. The two artists genuinely leave us in a trance with this single, especially as they cover quite emotional and relatable lyricism.

Listening to the single "Somebody Else," the venture begins with bright and harmonious keyboard melodies layered to the gods. As Stilla's luminous vocals appear, she instantly sweeps us off our feet and into a daydream. While Cam Noble continues pouring a sweet and ethereal soundscape over our speakers, Stilla begins to delve into a passionate and emotional lyrical theme.

The song itself surrounds the inner feeling of letting someone go but having to overcome the realization that they will soon be in the hands of someone else. Stilla does a perfect job portraying such delicate emotions that surface when facing this particular challenge, and Cam Noble is there to sonically back her up along the way with his tender and soothing production.

Find Cam Noble and Stilla's latest emotional single, "Somebody Else," on all digital streaming platforms.

We adore the soothing and calming vibes of your recent single, "Somebody Else." What inspired you to create a single about the realization that a past lover will soon be with someone else?

It's a feeling I believe most people will experience, finding and losing love to see it be shared with someone else. Whether it ended on good terms or bad, it's an aching feeling everyone is likely to experience at some point in their life. Being able to partner with Stilla to deliver this song with an effortless feel about it, has been such a great experience. What was it like working with singer-songwriter Stilla for "Somebody Else"? Is this your first time working together?

I always enjoy working with new artists, especially ones as talented as Stilla. Since being locked down, we have both been in the studio as much as we can, and constantly writing and playing music. This is Stillas first release in preparation for a project she is releasing in late 2021, so the whole process around this song and upcoming songs have been a run journey. How did you create the production for "Somebody Else" to complement and enhance the song's lyrical theme?

I wanted to keep it minimal and raw. Simple production allowing the listener to feel the lyrics, and understand the emotion in the song. I produced it all with live instruments and used my favorite piano - The Nord Grand as the electric keyboard sound you hear throughout the song. Did Stilla tackle the songwriting for "Somebody Else"? Or was this a shared process? Do you ever write the lyrics for your songs, or do you usually handle the production only?

When I am in the studio, I always find the best process to write is to have everyone involved. Talk about what we are going through in life, any recent experiences or journeys we are currently on until we find something common. Once we have that common story we want to tell, I love jumping on the piano and playing until we find a melody to run with. Its such a fun process when you're feeling the mood of the song, not knowing how this project will end up. It could start sad and slow, but end up turning into a fast happy song - or could go the complete opposite. What's next for you?

I am working on a few projects collaborating with some really great artists. My next project is with a talented LA-based artist 'NOURI' as well as working alongside Australias 'Zac Taylor' for his project in late 2021. I am very excited to share the music I have been involved with over the past 12 months. Not being able to travel and the tour has been a big game-changer, as every musician would know. So being able to deliver such strong music, is what you can expect to see next from me.


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