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Can Boy Completely Transforms “Thotiana” Into His Own Vibe

Can Boy released his latest single paying homage to a popular current trending record! His remix to a popular song, “Thotiana” by Blueface wasn’t typical to the other remixes you may have heard of this flavorful record! He titles the song “Blueface Remake” and it’s something new and different while sticking to the rhythm of the song as we know it. Usually when an artist has remixed “Thotiana” they tend to stick to the same flow, delivery, and style Blueface did. However, Can Boy completely transformed this record into his own, with the only comparison being the beat. Instead of just regular rapping, Can Boy raps in a style that’s quite idiosyncratic from what we’ve heard before!

Can Boy doesn’t just deliver a clean slated rap flow but he adds a different dimension to it with the auto-tune causing his voice to sound more muffled, alongside his signature adlibs that’s individual to him. You hear his ability to create witty and catchy lyrics while still sticking to the development of the record. This playful remix is not only charismatically executed, but it showcases Can Boy’s caliber of talent due to his capability of metamorphosing any type of style or song into his individual artistry. Can Boy has the potential of becoming a mainstream hitmaker because he has this special star appeal to his music that shines all the way through the song.

Listen to "Thotiana" by Can Boy here and get to know Can Boy below!

Mind telling our readers a little bit about yourself and your upbringing?

I was birthed in Toronto, ON, I lived here until the 8th grade, I moved countries because used to hoop, long story short that ain't work, since then I eat, sleep, breath music, and think bout it all day. I love it.

Do you have any key influences for your style of music?

Wayne and Thug birthed me musically, after that I became my own influence.

What motivated you to remix “Thotiana” by BlueFace ?

I kept hearing it, then i started liking it... OD.

What are some challenging aspects of remixing a popular song!?

People might not appreciate it as much as the original.

What’s next for you this summer?

I couldn't tell you off hand, but it's exciting. And the album 'boy's World" coming sooner than soon.


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