Canadian Artist THEVFTERPVRTY Releases New EP Titled "Rebel"

“THEVFTERPVRTY” is a artist from Ontario, Canada who has his own idiosyncratic style and unique way of producing music that will leave you stunned. If you listen to the release of his album titled “Rebel” you will enter a new realm of rap music giving you an urge for more and a crave for something new. With self-expression that comes in the form of dark beats and a deep atypical rap voice, THEVFTERPVRTY is a trendy new artist sure to create waves in all the right ways. He knows what type of sound is popping in the contemporary hits however we can place him in his own lane as he shows numerous qualities different from any other rap artist currently out. My favorite song off his album would definitely have to be “Japan” due to the witty and catchy lyricism and fun wordplay. Another dope song off his album “Rally” showcases his ability to switch up his flow and sound different instead of predictable and typical. I feel like he has the complete sound , look, and flow to become a big name if he makes the right connections and continues to create fresh hits like he’s been doing. You can listen to his album here and connect with this hit maker on his social media!

We highly recommend that you listen to THEVFTERPVRTY's new EP "Rebel" and be sure to check out our exclusive Q&A!

How is it living in Canada? What’s your favorite part about your upbringing?

Canada's solid. I got a few but living in Vernon for four years definitely left an impact on me.

Your name is unique and dope, how did you come up with it?

My people call me Rebel, I guess its what I represent, the mindset, lifestyle & just the way I carry myself.

THEVFTERPVRTY just came about by hitting several after parties and setting the vibes.

What is your favorite song off your album and why?

Off my first EP (Welcome To The Fall), I'd go with Dark Night, it just came from a place I wasn't sure I had words for, I feel it was the first time I really turned my thoughts into a song.

Off my second EP Rebel I'd have to say Japan, I pride myself on making music you can vibe to at any time in your day but this really brings you to my world at night.

Who are some of your musical influences if any?

The Weeknd , Future Hendrix, Travis Scott & Kid Cudi would definitely have influenced my sound. I've been listening to them all throughout high school. Recently listening to a lot of Takeoff though he be going wild.

Do you feel as if you’re an artist that’s non-comparable to anybody else or do you have a similar style to anyone? If so who?

I feel my sound is like no other simply because I create my art from within.

What’s your 5 year goal?

Generation of Rebels.

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