Canadian DJ Oceanovus Releases Melodic Single "Lights"

Canadian indie electro-pop producer and DJ Oceanovus has released his first debut EP, “Lights”. Oceanovus is aptly translated from its Latin roots to mean “new ocean.” “That feeling of the ocean and things being new and fresh,” the frontman, Dario details on what listeners encounter as they take Lights for a spin, “that’s the feeling of the sound of the Lights EP, too.” Debuting from his EP, the release of his single “Lights” the dulcet and melodic single mixed with passionate lyrics and delivered in a danceable groove.

Although it has a satisfying and delightful tune, it does convey great emotion and sentiment. The vocal tone is very hollow and vocally sturdy. Great breath control, perfect resonance and the right flare makes the entire articulation an effortlessly blended masterful piece. This song creates a feeling that most dance-pop tunes do, the urge to dance and have fun. I can see this song being played at various dance parties, clubs and any other event or surroundings where the sensation of having fun and letting loose is the main-focus point. Being a DJ requires much effort, detail, and patience and DJ Oceanovus executed this song well.

Listen to “Lights” and check out our interview with this turntable icon and musical genius below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Dario and I am Oceanovus, an EDM/Pop music producer and DJ from Toronto, Canada. I have recently released my first single called “Lights” from my debut EP album of the same name.

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

My passion for music started when I was a teenager and my mom got me guitar lessons. I fell in love with guitar playing and even started writing my own songs. Music was my refuge at a time when I felt no one understood me. I later branched out into managing a rock band and operated my own independent record label. The band eventually broke up and I put the record label business on hold to attend university. I continued to occasionally play my guitars but as time went on it became less and less. It wasn’t until I attended a Joe Satriani concert a few years after that my passion for music returned. It brought back the happy memories of creating music so I decided to get back into it. I've always been a huge fan of EDM and electropop music and it was the genre that I felt would be the best fit in order to express my thoughts and ideas. I have always enjoyed producing and writing my own music.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

Oceanovus means “new ocean”. It’s the feeling of things being fresh and new. That is the feeling I’d like to try to convey in my music.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

Yes, I write my own music. I wouldn't define my writing style in any particular way but I do take inspiration from all that is happening around me.

We’re really into your new song Lights! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Lights is my first song recently released from by debut EP. I wrote that song based on many life's journeys. We all have ups and downs in life so it was more of an inspirational track that I wanted to share with my fans. I believe that most people can relate to it.

Where did the inspiration behind Lights come from?

I purposely left it out for interpretation. However, the message that I wanted to convey was that things in life do get better with patience, focus, and hard work.

What are three things you’d love your fans to know about you?

Besides love for music, I would say that I enjoy wine, tennis, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Any upcoming shows? For someone who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your performance?

No upcoming shows just yet. I am currently focused on getting my debut EP released and will focus on live performances in next couple of months. I would describe my performance as a story that I like to take my audience through, with ups and downs and always keeping things fresh and as a surprise.

What’s next for you? 

I’m focusing on making more music, doing live shows and networking with others in the industry. My goal is to work hard and get to the next level where I am touring and promoting my music world wide. Stay tuned!

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